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President Obama Visits India - Michelle Obama vows India

Updated on November 16, 2010

President Barack Obama Visits India

Today, 06 November, President Barack Obama, the leader of the most powerful nation on this earth landed in Mumbai. His choice of Mumbai as the first port of clearly defines his priorities for this visit. Though the US citizens are viewing this visit as his way of escaping the drubbing that the Democrats have suffered in the present election, its a smart move from the belaguered president. Indian love leaders of powerful nations visiting their country, especially the United States, as most Indians have some relative or friend statying there, minting pots of money. However, all said and done, India needs the United States to give us the technology that can allow her an explosive growth trajectory, while the US needs to sell these technologies to India to create jobs back home.

President Obama's focus is to create jobs back home to deflect criticism from his policies. To be fair to him, George Bush jr has left him with a shattered economy which will take years of tough economic decisions by all American Citizens to get it back on the explosive growth trajectory. However, it is difficult to console the jobless by telling them things shall get better only after 3-4 years. How are they to survive till then? Hence, the president has decided to visit some fast growing countries to encourage them to increase their trade with the US, sign some lucarative defence deals and many other such concessions that shall help him to create jobs back home. However the recent agitation by US citizens on the outsourcing policy by American Firms has gained momentum and Barack Obama cannot ignore the same. Consequently, the Indian Government has taken up the issue of penalising or withdrawing tax benefits to American Companies that have outsourced their processess to Indian companies and will strongly pitch for such orders to be revoked. Well, all I can say is that the American Companies will loose their competitive edge vis a vis the other companies and may be in the short term some jobs shall be created, but in the long term, the company cannot survive and shall close down. So by enforcing such orders, the  american people shall be at a loss. Yes, Indian too shall be affected, but then as the potential for the Indian growth story is enormous, it may not impact the Indians too much.

Other than business, I am sure that his family will like the magic atmosphere of India and we all wish that they enjoy this visit. For more on the same visit the following sites


Michelle Obama vows India

 Politics aside, protocol be forgotten, Michelle Obama's impromptu dance with the children and with surprising grace, her obvious love for her husband (they would hold hands whenever they could), her preference to visit other parts of India, which heads of state generally dont, have all wowed India. Her sense of fashion and her simultaneous nonchanlance makes for a true fashion icon and the Indian women have been left gasping with admiration and affection towards the first lady of USA. They all envy her and wish that their husbands would have the guts to hold their hand whenever they get the chance, to show a bit of PDA. All these things make women happy and Michelle Obama (notwithstanding the loss of congress), was a pillar of support for her husband and Barack Obama appreciated that (PDA remember). Check out this article on Obama's visit for some photos. All in all, politics aside, the Obama's won the Indian hearts.


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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Well, things do look bad with Obama at the helm, but if you check shall realise that things could be a lot worse that what they are right now. Bush really wrecked the US economy. 8 yrs of mismanagement cant be repaired in 2 years. After clinton managed the show, the economy was showing a surplus. Greenspan with his low interest rates fuelled the credit bubble and that created the housing bubble. Anyone, who saw the entire bubble with honesty and was not blinded by greed would agree that it was only greed that stopped people from seeing the truth..that the bubble couldnt last..and therefore it crashed. Now Obama is trying to get the economy on track..but there is a catch 22 like situation. Americans are saving..if they save..they have less to spend. If they spend less, then the economy cant grow. if the economy and demand cant grow, jobs shall be cut and no new jobs shall be added. And if no new jobs can be added, and jobs are cut, then people cant spend you see, this downward spiral. Thats why the fed is keeping low interest rates so that people are enticed to spend and keep on stimulating the economy. Its a gambleand if it pays off..great..if it does not..then we shall be faced with a greater crash than the present one.

      We need to understand that this is the cycle of cant have prosperity forever. there are going to be crests and troughs and there isnt much that we can do about it. The human population is reaching unsustainable levels and its only a matter of time that nature shall strike back to reduce our growth..

      The republicans have won..and the problem is that they have won when the economy is getting back on track..they are going to claim credit when it was obama and his government that took the tough call econmoy to get the economy back on track..well poor Obama..Just to bad.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 

      7 years ago from America

      I don't know where you get the notion Bush left Obama a terrible economy, If you gain your information from our news you better watch FOX, all the rest lie, Now for the record, Democrats took over congress in Jan 07, And we all know congress imposses laws, so on that very day the unemployment rate was 4.1% Dow Jones almost 13K and GDP in good shape, 15 months later after Barney Frank and his cohort were put in charge of banking and finance the economy collapsed!,,,,,,,,,,,,Our current president is a cry baby who hasn't admitted wrong yet except to say he takes all the blame for losing almost every stinking Democrat this last election!


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