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Obama Wins, No Surprise

Updated on January 21, 2015

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The choice was so clear on election day. The outcome was pretty easy to predict. I wrote an article last April predicting President Obama would be re-elected because of four simple reasons:

  1. Mitt Romney

  2. The War on Women

  3. The Economy

  4. Health Care

Let's take another look at each of these items and why they led to a clear Obama victory.

1. Mitt Romney

When I wrote my original article back in April my argument was that Mr. Romney was going to have a very hard time appealing to everyday middle class American's. Romney is a clear member of America's elite 1% and that would ultimately hurt him. Romney proved me right when he was secretly filmed speaking to a group of supporters and told them that 47% of American's would never vote for him because they were essentially freeloaders and self described victims. This one video clip would prove to be fatal to the Romney campaign.

2. The War on Women

Exit polls show that single women voted overwhelmingly for President Obama. Retro culture wars are not something that American's want to debate. Abortion and contraception issues are not winning issues for the GOP. This election proves that. The Republican platform must get away from this or it will never win another national election.

3. The Economy

Like I mentioned in my previous article. The economy is not where it needs to be. Unemployment is still too high, and too many American's are still suffering. However it is an incontrovertible fact the the economy is growing and things are moving in the right direction. Turning this economy around is like turning around a struggling sports franchise. It does not happen overnight. It takes time. This election proves that most American's understand this.

4. Health Care

When you get to the specifics of Obama Care, most American's love the bill. Furthermore, I argued that Mr. Romney would not be able to effectively argue against the bill because of his close ties to the construction of it. He gave it his best shot by stating that he planned to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, but with no plan to replace it, he loses the argument. Most American's poll that the bill is not perfect, but it's far superior to letting insurance companies run wild.

My final assessment is this: Romney was a flawed candidate from the beginning. Republican's spent the whole primary searching for anybody but Mitt Romney with the knowledge that he would eventually be the nominee. I think Ann Coulter said it better than anyone else in the video below.


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