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Obama endorses Macron

Updated on May 6, 2017
Former US President:  Barack Obama
Former US President: Barack Obama | Source
New kid on the block:  Emmanuel Macron
New kid on the block: Emmanuel Macron | Source

Long ago now it seems when President Barack Obama was the new boy in the world of politics offering everyone hope and yes we can. In the early years of his reign, he could do no wrong and everyone endorsed him as a new kind of politician and a break from the war mongering Republicans. Obama's time as President like every President in the White House had its ups and downs whether they were Democrat or Republican.

Now Obama is out of office and his legacy will be recorded by historians both now and in the future and what they say about him will depend on whether they favoured his politics or not. Historians are also motivated by politics like the rest of us and how they see his tenure in the White House will rest on their prescribed politics of the right or left.

A new young politician a former civil servant has emerged to become the blue eyed and golden boy of French politics in the Presidential race as he faces National Front candidate Marine Le Pen. Emmanuel Macron appears to be a centrist politician, pro EU and a figure of the establishment politics as opposed to Le Pen who wants to take France out of the EU.

Obama made a video broadcast in France endorsing Macron who some see as another Napoleon. Obama probably sees himself in Macron and Macrons politics obviously appeal to Barack Obama hence Obama endorsing him. Well you would not expect Obama to favour Marine Le Pen would you perhaps the French Trump who gets on well with Putin Obama's nemesis.

Macron mean while is suing a right wing website for saying he has overseas money stashed in an account. Le Pen tackled Macron on this on a French broadcast which saw Macron and Le Pen go head to head with French voters looking on.

Could Obama's intervention in French politics be seen as interfering in French internal affairs well yes it could be. On the the other hand Obama has the right to tout his views just as he did with David Cameron and Brexit.

When Obama accused Vladimir Putin in interfering with the American Presidential election is he doing the same thing though but granted openly? Well the obvious difference is Obama is not hacking the French political websites of the candidates to trawl up damaging information but probably in his hearts of hearts he wishes he could against Marine Le Pen.

It seems Emmanuel Macron will be the winner of the French Presidential race if polls are to be believed but polls can be fickle. So more than likely Macron will win because he has the backing of present French President Francois Hollande and other notable French politicians even though some of them may not like Macron but prefer him to Le Pen. So that is the way far right candidates in the past have been blocked from winning like Marine's father before her.

Of course which ever candidate wins will impact France's future in the European Union so watch this space.

Bio of Emmanuel Macron

1) Born Emmanuel Jean-Michel Fredric Macron

2) Born: 21 December 1977

3) Came into the world in Amiens, France

4) Studied philosophy at Paris Nan Terre

5) Completed university masters degree at Sciences Po

6) Graduated from Ecole Nationale

7) Worked as an inspector of finances

8) Worked for Rothschild and Cie Banque

9) Joined Socialist party

10) Macron appointed Deputy Secretary General under Francois Hollande's first administration in 2012

11) In 2014 he became again under Hollande Minister for Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs

12) Resigned in 2016 announcing he would be running for the Presidency

13) He would however not be running for the Socialist party

14) He would run under a new centrist grouping called En Marche!

15) He now faces Marine Le Pen of the National Front

16) Some say he looks like a young Napoleon

17) Is pro - EU and tolerant of immigrants and Muslims

18) Believes all should be allowed to practice their faith in peace

19) Believes in industry working hand in hand with the environment

20) Married to Brigitte Trogneux

21) They have three children but from Trogneux's other marriage


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