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Obama is the Greatest Political Pawn in American History

Updated on October 21, 2014

The Mysterious Unqualified One

Obama is but a pawn to the Democrat machine that will soon be thrown under the bus in a bad, bad way. Many presidents have been pawns (George W Bush was the most recent), but never has there been one so clueless and necessarily arrogant than Obama.

Never before has someone so immensely unqualified been tapped to even serve as a middle manager, let alone the leader of the United States. Obama has to be the machine’s greatest accomplishment. Here we have the son of a Kenyan diplomat and a girl who just turned 18, whose mother abandoned him when he was 10 and left him to be raised by his grandmother. He somehow got into exclusive colleges despite self-admittedly not making good grades. He also did hard drugs, freely admitting to this, while the whole country freaked out over Clinton’s “not inhaling” marijuana.

The president will not unseal his medical records, his school records, his birth records, or his passport records, nor will he release any records from Harvard, Columbia College, or Occidental College. All his legislative records from the Illinois State Senate are missing and he claims his scheduling records during those State Senate years are lost as well. In addition, no one can find his school records for the elite K-12 college prep school, Punahou School, he attended in Hawaii.

This person has used multiple social security numbers, in addition to using different names officially (passport, birth certificate, etc.): Barack Hussein Obama II, Barack Hussein Obama (without the designation “II” indicating Barack Obama Jr.), Barry Soetoro, or Barack Hussein Obama Soebarkah.

How many people do you know has used more than one OFFICIAL name and used more than one social security number? Both his birth certificate and Selective Service Registration card have been proven to be fakes (yes, proven, by multiple experts independently, including myself – and no, I do not believe he was born in Kenya).

The Media Darling

After college, he basically did not work anywhere. He got a job at the Chicago Law School thanks to a political favor. Other faculty hated him because he was lazy, unqualified, and never attended any of the faculty meetings.

But, what’s important about all this is that by the time he’d finished Grad school, he already was in the eye of certain political leaders. For some reason, he’d been chosen as this Golden Boy, who was awarded scholarships to prestigious schools (without the grades others are required to have) or his school was paid for by various undisclosed people, in addition to being given jobs and positions that earn pay while requiring essentially no work. (The same goes for Michelle Obama.)

He’s had a political machine that was able to dig up and divulge personal divorce records of those running against him in elections in Illinois. As a Senator, he rarely bothered to vote on anything. In 2008 primaries, it was known that some sort of machine had organized illegal votes that allowed him to win the Democrat ticket over Hillary Clinton. So, someone more powerful than the Clintons decided they wanted Obama as President.

During his first 6 years, the media refused to say anything negative about him. They refused to research his past. They refused to ask questions. They refused to point out the over-use of teleprompters. So many scandals, any one of which the media would’ve used to bring down a Republican president; but not Obama. Somehow, no one of power nor in the media has challenged him on not knowing anything, of not having answers to anything, of repeatedly deleting records, of not accepting responsibility for anything, for blatantly lying to people and then blatantly lying about the lying, and of taking an economic mess and then, after spending literally trillions of dollars, making things worse (unless you like part-time jobs and “free” healthcare that, given the high deductibles, would be better to just not have it at all), which is almost impossible to do since things would’ve gotten better had absolutely NOTHING been done.

All this time, all these years, the media and all those adoring fans of Obama could find no wrong. (Many still think this way, somehow.)

Ok to Lie?

Do you believe it's OK to lie if that means your party candidate will get re-elected?

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Why Choose Him of all People?

Until now. Now we’re starting to see A LITTLE, a tiny hint, of backlash. People are walking out of his appearances, blatantly just walking out WHILE HE IS SPEAKING.

We’re actually starting to be told how little he attends meetings, how often he golfs and vacations, and how he so frequently is proving to be the least transparent president in modern history (according to media who are finally getting angry at being blocked from normally accessible information). Politicians currently running for office are afraid to be with him, afraid to say they agree with him, and they’re even afraid to admit they voted for him.

This is where my theory comes in to play:

The political machine chose Obama because he is just enough of a narcissist to believe he deserves the leadership role he’s been handed, but he’s lazy enough and indifferent enough to want to allow other people to do all the work in the background. He looks great. He gives a great speech (as long as it’s written for him and he can read it). He has no trouble lying to your face since its ends justify the means (the heart of the philosophy of the Democrat party). When he was first chosen as the Golden Boy, race was perceived to be a bigger issue than it truly has been, so they probably thought the mixed race background would appeal to more people.

They also needed someone who truly believed in Socialism, who truly believed that Government is the answer to all things. “Barry” was brought up by extreme socialists, and was surrounded by activists of the same influence. That is all he has known his entire life. They needed someone to push this philosophy and not know its faults and limitations, thus giving him plausible denial when caught in a lie or when it becomes clear that this philosophy simply does not work economically and on a large scale.

So all this time, others have made every decision for him. He does nothing without Valerie Jarret nearby, for example. And she’s not the only one. He very rarely steps into a press conference and takes questions like other Presidents have done (unless they are pre-selected questioners – and if someone throws him a question that makes him look bad, that person soon finds themselves banned from the White House press corps). This is why, to give one example, they had to go get him and bring him from the golf course into the room so they could watch the Benghazi happenings: other people were already taking care of it for him and they needed him there for the photo.

This is what’s happening with the whole Middle East situation with ISIS/ISIL, Iran, Syria, China, Russia/Ukraine, Ebola, IRS, etc. etc. etc. He simply is incapable of making a decision on his own. But the bigger problem is that when people give him decisions that are in line with his socialist-progressive philosophy, he goes right along with them not really knowing that they are only going to make him look bad in the long run.

The Democrat machine now has a pawn that can take all the blame, and a willing media that white-washes and minimalizes the negative fallout. Obama, not the Democrats but Obama, looks bad even though there’s not one thing that Obama has done that disagrees with the total message of more government coming from the Democrat machine.

Which leads me to the second part of my theory:

It is now time for the Democrat machine to start preparing for the 2016 elections. They need to convince the public that their next candidate is against Obama and his policies, and that they will bring about that always-wanted change and progress and fix things for the better. THIS time they’ll fix immigration. THIS time they will solve the income inequality problem. THIS time the economy will get better. THIS time the income gap will stop getting worse. THIS time education will be improved. It wasn’t fixed during Obama’s eight years (because of the Republicans, of course), but it will with the NEXT Democrat President.

So for the first time since Obama became their Golden Boy, they are now letting him flail on his own. Not completely, but more and more. They allowed him to totally fail on the whole Middle East issue. Everyone knew that not leaving a small U.S. contingent in Iraq would lead to this mess, but they also knew it would take several years for that decision to blow up in their faces. So they made that decision for him, knowing he’d want that feather in his cap, that he ended the Iraq war. They did this because they knew he would eventually look like a total idiot just in time for the 2014 and 2016 elections, allowing Democrats to distance themselves from his policies.

They also knew that it would take several years for the other foreign leaders to realize that Obama truly is an idiot when it comes to diplomacy. (One does not slack off completely his entire life through high school and college and professional “career” and then turn into a diplomatic world leader mastermind.) So, it’s become clear that no other leader pays him any mind or respects anything he says. It took 3-4 years for other countries to start ignoring his “policy suggestions” and then another two for the media to start sharing stories that, for the first time in modern history, has countries other than the U.S. leading the way on major world policy

What Happens Next?

Hillary Clinton was given the Secretary of State title because that must’ve been the agreement way back in 2008 when it was decided that Obama should win the Democrat primaries (when they started bussing people in to vote from other districts). They likely had it all planned out: Hillary will no longer be a Bill Clinton shadow by this time, she’ll have real-life experience as a former Senator and Secretary of State, and she’s a woman (which is what started that whole war on women lie, setting everything up for Hillary 4 years later). They gave her the Sec of State title, then pulled her out immediately after Benghazi (while not holding her the least bit responsible, of course) so she didn’t screw up anything else.

So, now the Democrat machine is starting to allow Obama to look bad. They’re doing this so that current and future Democrats can continue to paint themselves as the solution (to the very problems they caused).

You will soon see the rapid decline of the pawn that is Mr. Barry Soetoro. The Democrat machine is very, very proud that they were able to get this immensely unqualified and unverified person elected into the highest office of the land. Those owning the media are very proud of their ability to completely brainwash people. So now, the only way they can remain in power is to turn the tables on Obama and create the illusion of separation.

So, watch how they make every lost election about Obama and not about the candidate or the candidate’s Democrat policies. And every win will be just the opposite, a “referendum” on the popular support of government-run healthcare, of illegal immigrant amnesty, of higher minimum wages, and so on.

There’s less than a month before mid-term elections. Democrats already know they’re going to lose; the question is how much. And how much can the media convince people to not pay attention to the last 8 years (this includes the last two last years of Democrat-led Congress during Bush’ term)? But they don’t really care about this set of elections. They’re planning on 2016. If Republicans win control, Obama will veto everything (exactly the opposite of what Bush did when Democrats won control during his last two years). And with all the vetoes, they will push the message of government gridlock and how horrible the Republican-led Congress is.

Meanwhile, the true political idiots, the Republicans, are still trying to figure if they want to speak out publicly against illegal immigrants. Democrats planned this Obama pawn situation 30+ years ago. Republicans don’t have a clue as to what they’re going to do next year. (They have their own political machine, which ultimately isn’t much different than the Democrats’.)

And as this happens, the income gap continues to get worse than it ever has been (a historically-repeated result of socialist policies), politicians and their friends continue to pad their wealth and influence, the poor and the middle class continue to pay more and more for things that were far cheaper just 8 years ago, racism is getting far worse and the race peddlers often incite riots over something that never happened, and our country’s citizens are slowly but surely seeing their standards of living decrease.

The saddest truth to all of this is that it was predicted 5 years and 11 months ago and not enough people believed it. And even now, almost half of the country deny most of this has even taken place.

For those who still like Obama, start saying goodbye. The Democrat machine is going to rip him apart.

But that’s ok, right? The ends justify the means.

More links to consider

The Mystery of Obama. This is a great article raising many, many unanswered questions.


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    • tsadjatko profile image

      4 years ago from now on

      gmwilliams, we don't agree on much but on this subject you couldn't be more right! I couldn't have said it better myself, and letusponder, same goes. But you know the people who continued to vote for this scoundrel pawn, who turn a blind eye to so many real scandals and lie after lie after lie, from before he was elected (Bill Ayers "a guy who lives in my neighborhood just to mention one. " ) to the very last time I saw him on TV about Ebola, are getting what they deserve! I believe if you listen to every speech he has ever given you will find lie after lie in every one! No president has ever shown such irreverence for the office of the president and frankly the truth (lie of the year award! well at least that's an award he legitimately earned unlike the peace prize). He is acting so unpresidential as he is dividing us as a nation. He is not bringing us together. He’s willfully dividing us. His petulance is so unbecoming of THE leader of the free world that it further projects weakness to our enemies and allies around the world as does his non existent foreign policy.

      Whew, I needed to get that off my chest. Thanks LetusPonder, for calling a spade a spade, telling it like it is.

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      4 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      Great article! Obama has proven in many ways to be the biggest CON in presidential history. America has become much worse under this disaster. He has no substantial qualifications to be president and that has been proven ad infinitum. Smart people are realizing this; however, there are THOSE who refuse to acknowledge this, rationalizing Obama's inane policies, displacing the blame on the precedent Bush and the Republican Party!


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