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Obama, the Man of the Hour?

Updated on April 2, 2011

A Man to Make or Break


Obama, The Awakening, A Change for America

The Torch Has Been Yet Again Passed

Not since the Kennedy era has Americans seen a man who could speak so eloquently. People were fed up and needed a burst of fresh air. Here was a young black man that suddenly rose out of the croud and talked about change when American had had enough of politics. The lying, the scams, the bullsh...t. Here was a young black face that was greeted with lots of whooping and enthusiasm, filled with hope and anticipation. Even some red necks were fed up and even if grudgingly, they found a reason to listen to him. He emerged because of lack of confidence in the repulicans and uncertainty amoung the demacratic candidates. He spoke of change and new Ideas, of bringing America through the crisis of war, declining jobs, financial cave ins and the former president being out of touch with the American people.  America was ready for change. Amidst all the doubt and anxiety America elected its first black comander and chief.

The Irony Of It All

Looking back in hindsight I can eaisly understand why a black man with the education and intelligence of Barack Oboma would be elected. However that is not the exclusive reason why he was elected. Blacks felt as I did that he held out promise and would make us as a black race look good. While he has been and has tried his best to be a people's president, blacks thought that he would look out for them by standing up and seeing that they were not discriminated against. On the other hand whites did not really want Obama. He was a compromise between Hillary Clenton, John Macain, and Sarah Palin. If that is not enough, Tea Partyers, who mostly are well-to-do, were screaming their lungs out about over spending and the health program. Many of these Tea Party members got rich off the current health system and were benefiting from the financial system that was failing around the world. Many of them vowed that they wanted to see Obama fail. Even other republicans were determained to cast doom and gloom even though the economy was improving, knowing that no quick fix could be made. There has been and as far as I know, ever has  been a mention of the billions of dollars that thiese wars are doing to our economy. Given the post 911, the wars, the world financial collapse, and an overloaded health care system, what white Democrat or Republican would have wanted to be on Obama's watch. While the president is feeling his way and learning, he is making obvious mistakes as anyone would. However I have never heard so many outright blatant remarks as he does not know how to lead, we will have to rewrite the whole health bill, we will repeal this bill, this is the worst president in history. We shall work with the intention of not seeing him re-elected. At a critical time when we need unity, and God knows the man has called upon Republicans and Democrats to share ideas as well as form committes, and has even attempted to select Republicans to high positions, they have stubbernly refused, not to mention some having even been found to be corrupt themselves in the wrong way. The only thing that the Republicans were unanimous on was giveing money to fight these wars. The president is not perfect, he's only human. Yes he shoud stand up like a man and not expect to be babied or  excuses made for his flaws, but prejudices should be dismissed and the unity of our country should be our priority. My fellow blacks lets support our president and to our black news reporters, stop refering to President Obama as Sir and call him Mr. President as you did all the white Presidents. My fellow white Americans, if you see flaws there is no problem, but ask yourself is it deep routed also in prejudicism.

The Fear of it All

I have come to the conclussion that there are politicians who are willing to let America come to the brink of kayos to take out, and I mean, when I say take out, cause this president not to be re-elected. Mr. Speaker of the House, maybe you don't care about the loss of jobs as one of the statements that you made in reply to a question about loss of jobs was then,so be it, but maybe you're not a true servant of the American people or its way of life. Maybe you are so filthy rich that you just don't care as long as you depose this president. Perhaps you will join me in singing, God Bless America because we really need it.


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    • profile image

      sammurai 5 years ago

      Ditto, he to me is the man of the hours, although I get mad at him for being too gracious to the fanatics in both parties and to Israeli Yahu, but my vote is too valuable to waste on Palin Romney like cartoons in this day and age

    • profile image

      sammurai 5 years ago

      Ditto, he to me is the man of the hours, although I get mad at him for being too gracious to the fanatics in both parties and to Israeli Yahu, but my vote is for him

    • sweetie1 profile image

      sweetie1 6 years ago from India

      Hi there,

      I dont know how much americans like him or not but Obama recently came to India and adressed both houses of the parliament. That was live on TV and i must say i was very impressed with the way he spoke and what he spoke.