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Updated on April 18, 2013

Great Negotiators.

Time for Bipartisan Cooperation.

Most American saw the Mid-term elections as a routing of the Democrats and a signal to President Obama; the election however, have slowly evolved into a unique opportunity. Yes, the mid-term elections have evolved as a huge opportunity for President Obama to show bipartisan leadership through dialogue and negotiation.

Negotiation is a skill that requires a strong intellect, resolve and purpose; only a few are gifted with the tools necessary for productive negotiation. Negotiation in politics is even more difficult because it involves making compromises and choices that alienate some, while placating others. As difficult as a political negotiation is however, it is a highly necessary tool at the local, national and international levels. There can be no meaningful political success without negotiations of some kind; the only lasting change is one that involves an agreement by parties with difering idealogies or positions.

When you think of great negotiators throughout history, you think of people like Moses, Shaka Zulu, King Solomon, Jesus, James Monroe, Robert Livingston, Winston Churchill of Britain, Benjamin Franklin, Ronald Reagan, and Henry Kissinger. All these people had a strong sense of purpose, and a determination to see a favorable outcome despite the odds.

When you think of the greatest negotiations in history, eight of them come to mind; Benjamin Franklin’s negotiations with France during the Revolutionary War, James Monroe and the Louisiana Purchase, the Congress of Vienna, the Treaty of Portsmouth, the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, the Egyptian-Israeli Armistice negotiations of 1949, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and the 1986 Reykjavic Summit. All these negotiations were frought with obstacles and cynicism, but achieved the needed results.

President Obama has found himself in a unique position not by choice, but by the appointment of the American people. The American voter by their choice of a Republican Congress has placed President Obama in the challenging position of being a negotiator and a uniter. Obama can turn what was once percieved as a snub, into a team building opportunity. Obama can put the Republican Congress in the position of delivering on a mandate of accountability by compromising for change, or posturing to the detriment of the voter.

As I see it, Obama can put himself in the drivers seat with every calculated move he makes, between now and the next elections. Obama can play the middle, working with the Republicans, while still satisfying his base. He can shed the identity of being a consumate liberal, and focus his energy on being a pragmatic fiscal disciplinarian.

While I disagree with the right wing agenda, I have to say that current economic realities are on their side. The time has come for fiscal responsibility as opposed to public goodwill. President Obama has to agree with this assessment and at least listen to some of the ideas of the opposing base. If Obama listens and talks, he will find middle ground that will enhance his stature and improve the lot of all Americans.

The Democrats and Republicans have started on the road of cooperation to the chagrin of their base. Leaders on both sides have to realize that pride cometh before a fall, and great men make great sacrifices. If Nancy Pelosi and Co had given Obama the support or challemge needed to right the economy, Americans will not be as frustrated as they are now. Sometimes it seems, we have to get our challenge from our foes. Foes can bring out the best in us, and we hope this will be the case with Obama.

I am excited about the prospects of a collaborative reduction in our national debt, tackling of the Iran/North Korea issues and our trade deficits with China. We all as Americans pray for the Republicans to recognize that Obama is not the enemy, instead he has to be seen as the means to acheiving two years of citizen mandated amendments to our economic policy.

If the Republicans play their cards right, and Obama uses his God given negotiation skills, America will be greater and our world leadership status revived.


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  • OpinionDuck profile image

    OpinionDuck 7 years ago

    It is passed the time for cogressional and presidential reform. The current system breeds failure.

    President Obama is like Jimmy Carter, they should have never been elected to the presidency.

  • Jeff May profile image

    Jeffrey Penn May 7 years ago from St. Louis

    Hi Rogochuks, why was your last hub about birthers removed? Also, I am somewhat surprised by all the negative comments here on a much less potentially controversial hub. Everyone who thinks things were "rammed through" without regard to the "American people" ignore the other "American people" who like what he's done and support him. We haven't been spouting off about it and are sometimes disappointed, but nonetheless believe we are the majority just as the "rammers" think they are.

  • The Shark profile image

    The Shark 7 years ago from Hampton, NH

    We have never seen so many things rammed through with total disregard to what the American people think as we have during this administration. The latest being the FCC decesion to regulate the internet despite the decesion failing to pass in Congress.

    Just wait to 2011 and Obama rolls out his Green policies for us. Also don't think that the "fairness doctrine" is dead either.


  • OneWhiteSquare profile image

    OneWhiteSquare 7 years ago from America

    I could care less about the color of the man's skin...It's his Marxist views that will undoubtedly cause him to serve only one term.

    He is not a uniter, or a Christian (he claims to be), and goes out of his way to apologize for being an American.

    After the elections he finally recognized we have a two party system...He's a dolt and an empty suit. Without any real accomplishments or leadership abilities earned in the private sector along with bringing people on board who have the same lack of structure in the business world...he has managed along with the Majority rule Democrats (who have had a majority since 2006) ran our country fiscally into the ground. It may not have solely started with them, but they sure as hell claimed to finish us off!

  • nicomp profile image

    nicomp really 7 years ago from Ohio, USA

    Perhaps you have forgotten these quotes from your Great Uniter:

    "Iraq is sort of a situation where you've got a guy who drove the bus into the ditch. You obviously have to get the bus out of the ditch, and that's not easy to do, although you probably should fire the driver."

    -BARACK OBAMA, The Daily Show, Nov. 7, 2005

    "We lose ourselves when we compromise the very ideals that we fight to defend. And we honor those ideals by upholding them not when it's easy, but when it is hard."

    -BARACK OBAMA, Nobel Lecture, Dec. 10, 2009

    "I cannot swallow whole the view of Lincoln as the Great Emancipator."

    -BARACK OBAMA, Time Magazine, Jun. 26, 2005

    "After they drove the car into the ditch, made it as difficult as possible for us to pull it back, now they want the keys back," Obama said of the GOP. "No! You can't drive. We don't want to have to go back into the ditch. We just got the car out."

    -BARACK OBAMA to a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraiser , June 2010

    “It’s tempting not to negoitate with hostage takers unless the hostage gets harmed… In this case, the hostage was the American people.”

    -BARACK OBAMA, Dec 2010, referring to Republicans in Congress. He also called them "bomb throwers"

  • Peggy W profile image

    Peggy Woods 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

    As you say, the last elections have forced Obama to at least start listening to the other side and start some compromising. Will he be a uniter? That remains to be seen and we can only hope that it will be so for the good of the country. Ramming things through despite all the protests of people around the country certainly energized them at the polls and the results are clear. The American people were not happy with the way things were going and did not bargain for the type of "change" that was happening. There is so much important work to be done that will affect all of our futures. I pray that good decisions will be made by all of our elected officials in government from the President on down the line.

  • The Shark profile image

    The Shark 7 years ago from Hampton, NH

    gochucks, very good article. You actually sound more like a republican then a dem. As a consevative I can say whatever position obama is in, he put himself there. The last two years he has been smug to republicans and has appeared to not have a conciliatory bone in his body.

    Following the ramming through of the healt bill he came the the mic. and said, well the sun is shinning and the birds are singing, mocking republicans. He never would take one idea on the health bill from them, in fact republicans were barred from most of the meetings. Now all americans are facing a 1099 as a contractor for the amount our employees pay for our health ins.

    That is a new tax in itself.

    Even as late as this past week, after the republicans agreed on an outrageous extension of un-employment benefits as a compromise with the president on current tax rates being held. He couldn't say how we worked together to get something we both thought was important---no he said we got the unemployment ext. and we are holding the tax rates even though i think it is wrong.

    Uniting is not his strong point, just look at the mid term campaign. On two different occasions he pit one group of americans against another. To a latino group he said, lets reward our friends and punish our enemies. To a black group he said "we" beat "them" in the past, we won on civil rights, we won on slavery, and i need you to go out like you did two years ago and beat them again.

    Who is them?? Americans? I never considered a president of either party to be my enemy. I may disagree with his politics, but never my enemy. As for slavery it is my understanding that his father was from Africa, so he has no connection to the salvery past of America. And if he was a true uniter, would he even be bringing that up? He stepped into that in Camb MA as well, saying the Camb. police acted "stupidly" before he even knew all of the facts, quickly concluding that seeing as a black man was involved it must be racist.

    It took a lot of white americans to vote obama into office, that is what should be noted in that election. The fact that america has moved to a point where race no longer matters in presidential elections, moving us closer to Dr. Kings' dream of being judged on our character and not our color.

    It can not go without mention that when bush was president 45% of blacks thought our country was fair, interesting how under obama that nuber is now only 27%. So much for uniting.

    One quick point, I agree with you, the economy, N Korea and Iran all the most imoportant things on the agenda, yet we just spent 5.3 Billion on the new food bill, and we have cancelled our manned space program.

    It looks like bush had it right---axis of evil--iraq, iran and n korea.

    If obama has any chance of being re-elected, he needs to show strength in dealing with "our" real enemies. The same way regan, bush sr, and gw did.


  • Jeff May profile image

    Jeffrey Penn May 7 years ago from St. Louis

    Good hub and though I am frustrated by the President's apparent mishandling of key negotiating tools, I am impressed by your optimism. To Darlene, however, I am sorry you haven't gotten cost of living increases and that charities have run out of money, but you are not alone and it didn't start with Obama. To say he lied and does not care is a huge misrepresentation. (Now our last president lied and tortured and so on, but I wouldn't even accuse him of not caring.)

  • American Romance profile image

    American Romance 7 years ago from America

    Obama is way to stubborn and rooted in his own ideology to change! Remember when he told Mcain the elections were over? I want someone to tell him the Elections are over Mr. President!

  • breakfastpop profile image

    breakfastpop 7 years ago

    Let's see if he rises to the occasion.

  • Darlene Sabella profile image

    Darlene Sabella 7 years ago from Hello, my name is Toast and Jam, I live in the forest with my dog named Sam ...

    Now my dear friend, I have learned to adore you as a friend and a writer, however this is a subject we will never come to teams with. I am a disabled senior and have lost my cost of living increase for the past two years, all our local charities have run out of money to help us low income seniors. He is a charmer that is for sure, but he lied, he does not care, he has his own agenda and wants to meet history in his own terms not in ours. A excellent hub my dear friend, love & peace darski