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Obama vs Trump: Balanced Society

Updated on May 31, 2016

It comes to mind that in the past when the world has had economic turmoil, the world has gone to war. The past decade we have come close to a world economic collapse with the global financial crisis and countries going into recession around the world. Could it be that with a US president that sits closer to the left, Obama, that we've been able to have better balance across the world.

It is a concern to me that we could see Donald Trump as the next US president - a man who doesn't show empathy to the rest of the world or seem to understand that it's balance across society that creates worth and greatness - which could throw out the balance that has prevented a recent complete economic collapse. Closing off borders, antagonising other countries and thinking the US can be dependent on running it's own manufacturing sector within its economy could not only through the country into depression, but also be the perfect storm for world war which history has proven - and no matter how much Trump talks up the US might, we know the rest of the world is prepared in this current age and nobody will win.

Some of the questions I have are will people vote for Trump based on his beliefs, or is it just he's stomping his feet and the voters are attracted to this - including the democratic voters who are voting in spite of the elected nominees. Also, could this be the time compulsory voting is introduced? Many questions which we hopefully survive to see the answers to.


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