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How Single People Will Fare Under the Obamacare Bronze Plan

Updated on August 21, 2013

How Much Will it Cost?

The Kaiser Foundation has calculated some rates single people will pay under Obamacare for the bronze plan, and these are listed in chart form below for ages 21, 40, and 60.

You'll have to guesstimate the in-between ages for the moment. At some point the author hopes to get more ages in the chart below.

The rates shown below include the Obamacare tax subsidy but do not take into consideration Medicaid if your state offers it at the illustrated income. Under Obamacare, anyone making less than $15,281 a year,can apply for Medicaid.. Your state may or may not adjust its Medicaid by the time Obamacare rolls around to allow new entrants into the plan.

A single person making less than $45,960 a year is eligible for an Obamacare subsidy as illustrated in the charts below to help pay for your brand new shiny Obamacare plan.

AGE : AGE 21

  • Income: $10,000 premium/ $3018 without Medicaid. You may or may not get Medicaid
  • Income: $20,000 premium $1021
  • Income: $30,000 premium $2512
  • Income $40,000 premium $3018
  • Income: $50,000 premium $3018
  • Income: $60,000 premium $3018
  • Income: $70,000 premium $3018
  • Income: $80000 premium $3018

AGE 40

  • Income: $10,000 premium $3810 without Medicaid. You may or may not get Medicaid.
  • Income: $20,000 premium $3857
  • Income: $30,000 premium $3857
  • Income $40,000 premium $3857
  • Income: $50,000 premium $3857
  • Income: $60,000 premium $3857
  • Income: $70,000 premium $3857
  • Income: $80000 premium $3857

AGE 60

  • Income: $10,000 premium/ $8191 without Medicaid. You may or may not get Medicaid.
  • Income: $20,000 premium $7170
  • Income: $30,000 premium $2512
  • Income $40,000 premium $3800
  • Income: $50,000 premium $8191
  • Income: $60,000 premium $8191
  • Income: $70,000 premium $8191
  • Income: $80000 premium $8191

What are the Basics of Bronze?


Doctor visit copayments are expected to range from $15 to $60 under the Bronze plan depending on the state. . For plans in states without copayments, the coinsurance is expected to be about 24 percent. In California the first three doctor visits are not subject to a copayment.

It was found the average deductible for all states for the Bronze plan will be $4509. (Healthpockets, 2013) The average maximum out-of-pocket potential will be about $6350 per year. This includes any deductible.


You'll enjoy paying 40 percent coinsurance for visits to specialists, outpatient hospital services, emergency room visits and lab work. as well as non-generic prescriptions.

Obamacare Tax Penalty

The following tax penalties for not having an "acceptable" health plan are excerpted from

"2014 = $95 per person per year or 1% of your Income
2015 = $325 per person per yearor 2% of your Income
2016 = $695 per person per yearor 2.5% of your Income
2017= Tax Penalty will increase by the rate of inflation going forward, or 2.5% of your Income"

What Else Do I Get With Obamacare?

100 percent preventive care.

One hundred percent preventive care even if you have not met the deductible! Wow!

How the Feds Plan to Get Money for Premiums

According to the Washington Post, the feds have told insurers they must not be "discriminatory" in how premiums are accepted. This advisory from the feds came because 34 percent of mionorities tend not to have bank accounts. It is seen as discriminatory to accept bank withdrawals only since so many minorities do not have bank accounts. For this reason Aetna (for example) will also be accepting credit and debit cards for premiums.

Getting into the Plan

One cannot enter Obamacare at any old time, but only during the open enrollment period, unless you qualify for some exceptions to the rule.

So to get into Obamacare you can sign up this time from October 1 until March 2014. After that you will probably have to wait until October of 2014 to be effective on January 1 of 2015.

 I can't get Obamacare?
I can't get Obamacare?




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    • Doodlehead profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Northern California

      Hi Writer Fox-

      I think at this point people will not object to Obamacare once they are under it. However if the system heads toward "single payor", then with imposed controls I personally will find that objectionable. Sadly, the younger generation, never having been exposed to freedom of choice, won't know the diff.

      Thank you for your comment!

    • Writer Fox profile image

      Writer Fox 

      5 years ago from the wadi near the little river

      I still don't know what to think of Obamacare, but your article has helped me understand it better. Voted up!

    • Doodlehead profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Northern California

      Thank you Hawaiian Scribe. I agree with every point you made. I live in California and my premiums would be $80 a month compare to $650 now. The difference though is how I feel about my care and my privacy.

      I resent having IRS be the ruler of all. Being into natural health I resent the idea that my healthcare has to come from western medicine. That is just the beginning.

      Thanks for your comments and for stopping by!

    • Hawaiian Scribe profile image

      Stephanie Launiu 

      5 years ago from Hawai'i

      Thanks for the comprehensive write-up on Obamacare. I still don't like the idea of Obamacare & hope it will be repealed. I used to work in the healthcare field and I know how much most physicians hate this plan. There are other ways to improve the healthcare system besides having a government takeover of it. I don't see anything in Obamacare that will bring down the costs of healthcare, and the Congressional Budget Office says that there will still be 30 million or so uninsured after Obamacare kicks in. Voted up, interesting and tweeted.


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