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Obamacare and Health Reform

Updated on May 5, 2017

Insurance Is an Important Commodity in America

Health care reform is on the minds of American citizens who want to see a positive change.
Health care reform is on the minds of American citizens who want to see a positive change. | Source
Everyone deserves fair treatment from Hospitals when an emergency occurs.
Everyone deserves fair treatment from Hospitals when an emergency occurs. | Source

Getting started

I would like to think of myself as a person who can just look at an issue and consider both sides of the issue, for an argument. For this particular issue that our country is facing, I have to say, there are some positives to each and every situation. However, coming up with a lot of positives in this situation, has been quite tough.

I must let you know, that I am simply giving my opinion and how Obamacare effects my job on a daily basis. I do not watch a lot of the news so, I am not going to be able to argue certain statistics or points. What I can tell you, is the fact that this effects all of us. Whether you know it or not now, it will probably have some impact on you at some point. If it does not effect you directly, it may effect someone that you know and/or love.

Being the best prepared is to learn the facts of both sides. Try to picture yourself as an outsider looking in on a situation. Try to consider both sides of the issue (even though we will not all agree). It is good to have a somewhat open mind.

Healthcare reform is a serious issue in political and medical circles. There are many lunch discussions and ideas, as to how to improve, on what could be a great help to a lot of people.

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Medicare Reimbursement

As I mentioned before, I typically don't watch the news. It is depressing to me, and I have enough to worry about without the added stress of the nightly news. This has just started in the last few years. Now, without watching the news I am more naive about current issues. Obviously, the person who watches the news everyday will know more than myself. Having said that, I do really soak everything up that my co-workers tell me about the current events.

Having heard that maybe directly or indirectly, Obamacare is subsequently causing Medicare to cut "reimbursement", (this the money that the physicians are paid by Medicare), most patients, or people outside the medical field may not realize this but, if Doctor's aren't getting paid as much, then they are going to have to cut their costs as well. The largest cost for a physician is overhead of the staff. Some of the offices, that I have worked at in the past, have been really strict on ordering supplies/checking around on the cheapest prices, cutting out all over time unless it is pre-approved and looking for other ways to cut down on unnecessary spending. That always equals layoffs to cut down on the cost. That equals more work and less staff to handle the everyday responsibilities. This all creates a trickle down effect, that in turn relates to longer wait times in the Doctors' office, longer wait times at the pharmacy, longer wait times to get medications called in, medical records sent, forms filled out. You can expect longer and longer times for things to get done by your Physician's staff.

Another trickle down effect that we may not readily think of is the stress that this causes to the staff of these Doctors' offices. If you are the poor soul answering the phone at a busy Doctor's office, you will understand the frustration that patients verbalize each day about how long they are having to wait to get anything done. Just wait, if things don't change we are going to have huge problems.

Obamacare: The Right Healthcare For Everyone?!

Obama might believe that his ideas for healthcare reform are the greatest ever. Most American's would agree, I think, that there needs to be a solution to Healthcare Reform.

The questions that need to be answered are:

1. What is the best solution for our country? Who knows? Everyone one is different and everyone's needs are different.

2. What are convicted felons supposed to do? Unable to be hired by just anyone, convicted felons are made to feel like they are second or even third class citizens. Felons are either still paying their debt to society by serving time being locked up or, they have paid their debt to society and they are just trying to make it in this world. Things are hard enough now for these American people without having to be forced to have health insurance.

3. If the money to pay for your particular plan comes out of the tax money in April, what do you do if your back child support is pulled from your taxes first? One of the ladies that I work with tells me some information about Obamacare from time to time and she explained it to me that if a person is unable to pay for the particular level of coverage throughout the year, their portion for the healthcare coverage will be taken out in April. What if the money that you do have, if you are making any, is going to pay back child support? Just a thought, what are these citizens supposed to do?

These tough, sensitive issues are just some of the many that we will be faced with.

Health Care Graph

This is a health care illustration showing stats.
This is a health care illustration showing stats. | Source

Pros for Healthcare Reform

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that every individual would have at least some form of healthcare coverage. How to reach that point, remains a HUGE debate today.

This may cut down on the debt that is owed to hospitals and healthcare facilities, if more people are covered with insurance.

How to come to a conclusion and a way to make everyone happy is an impossibility at this point. Let's just hope a peaceful solution can be reached.

Health Care Needs Work!

Health care is a hot topic in Washington and it needs attention fast.
Health care is a hot topic in Washington and it needs attention fast. | Source

Health Care Reform Review

Simply Basic Insurance Rules

Some of the issues that I deal with on a daily basis are trying to explain to patients what their insurance will pay for and trying to explain precertification vs. referrals.


A. Precertification: In very simple terms, a pre-cert (for short) is authorization that the doctor's office must obtain from the insurance company. These have to be done by your doctor's office so that your insurance will pay for the procedure that you are having done. Some insurances take up to a week to get back in return.

B. Referral: This is getting permission from your insurance, sometimes by way of your family doctor to see you. If you do not obtain this a referral, you will be responsible to pay for the services that you have done. (What you will have to pay for, if the insurance doesn't pay for it).

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