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Obama’s Actions are Motivated by Politics

Updated on June 24, 2012
Romney not Being Political
Romney not Being Political | Source

Recent moves by President Obama have shown that in an election year, he is politically motivated. Can you believe that a sitting president would be political this year? Here are the things he’s done and continues to do to play politics.

1. In one recent political move, Obama decided to stop deportations for some illegal immigrants who arrived in the United States as children. It’s just a plot to get Latino votes, votes that Obama might otherwise lose to Romney. In fact, “…Mitt Romney characterized President Obama's recent change to immigration policy as an election year ploy in an interview to air Sunday, saying politics played a "big part" in the administration's decision.” Can you believe President Obama, a Democrat, is strategically targeting votes?

2. Obama also made the political move of saying gay marriage should be legal, thus garnering the 100 homosexuals that would have otherwise voted for Romney this year. How dare Obama politicize marriage! Republicans would never do such a thing. Obviously, Obama’s war on marriage was politically motivated to not only get homosexual votes but other growing sectors of the voting populace such as the undesirable anti-marriage crowd and bitter divorced women.

3. Obama’s campaign of drone strikes against targets in the Middle East is just a political move and not part of a war derangement syndrome akin to what Republicans have. President Obama is being political when he orders drone strikes; President Bush was being tough on terrorism. Obama is just dropping drones in an attempt to out do us in the killing department. He doesn't really care about killing foreigners like we do.

4. President Obama is also being political when our nation is in trouble by making speeches. Every time he makes a speech, he’s being political. Republicans would never do that.

5. In a time when most Americans are struggling to find work, Obama continues to be political by running for president. He’s only running for president as a political stunt, not because he really cares about being president.

6. Worst of all, Obama is politically motivated by being president. Every day Obama is president he is showing his contempt for the American people and his actions as president are all based on politics.

All of President Obama’s actions are politically motivated, unlike Mitt Romney, who is doing and saying everything he can not to get elected.

Tex Shelters


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    • profile image

      Yellopig 5 years ago

      psssst: that word is "populace". kthxbai

    • profile image

      LikaMarie 5 years ago

      yes, carry on.

    • profile image

      fronteriza 5 years ago

      Hola, Tex. Glad to see you upholding the Republican truth efforts. xoxo