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Obama's Bergdahl Taliban Trade Fiasco Nightmare

Updated on January 30, 2015
The trade
The trade

Most Americans with some reservations were glad to see Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, was saved from the Taliban after years of being a POW. Less felt good about the terms of the trade- five diabolical Taliban leaders for an American soldier. Remember, Obama embraced a no negotiation policy with terrorists. Yet, he did. He probably was advised that breaking his own mantra was a good public relations thing to boost his sagging public opinion polls reflecting half of Americans do not approve of his presidency. Then, to celebrate and soak all the PR he could, he paraded his Bergdahl's parents in front of a White House news conference. Bergdahl's father, himself, might pass as a Taliban in appearance. He speaks their language. In any case, despite the saving of Bowe Bergdahl, a lot of dark clouds have always surrounded his capture or was it surrender? Or, defection?

Once Bergdahl was back under Army confinement, the investigation began. It was obvious to many that the circumstances of his capture was his own doing-either he really was drunk and wandered off base in the middle of the night because he was unhappy with the war or he willingly left-defected. Now, after a year of investigation, one of the Taliban 5 men traded for Bergdahl has rejoined his Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. It is no surprise to most Americans that this has occurred, yet, how did it escape the wisdom of Obama? Of course, it did not. He knew it could happen and chose to gamble with the risk. Like any gamble, this decision has not paid off and now just embarrasses President Obama. But, the whole Bergdahl trade nightmare continues to go bad.

The U.S. Army has decided to charge Bergdahl with desertion. Not exactly what Obama wants to hear. In fact, the Administration wants to make this news silent by saying the decision has not been made. The Army states that he will be charged with a lesser charge of desertion that would sent him to jail for five years, however, since he was a POW for five years, the sentence will be deemed served. He will then receive a "less than honorable" discharge. He would not receive $300,000 in back pay due to him and made a private. But, what about the servicemen who were killed in the hunt for Bergdahl after he walked away and captured? I guess no criminal actions will occur. At least five soldiers from his unit died in daily searches for him in the months following Bergdahl's desertion. As time went on, the troops of his unit began to question the logic of daily long searches for a guy who left base of his own free will. The only thing he took when he left base was a compass.

Bergdahl was part of the elite the 1st Battalion, 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment.


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