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President Obama's Biggest Failures

Updated on February 18, 2015

President Barack Obama

Senate photo - U.S. Senate
Senate photo - U.S. Senate | Source

In the Beginning

Senator Obama campaigned on the fact that he would run the most transparent government the United States has ever seen. He proclaimed that every second of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) debate would be on C-Span for all to see.

Neither of these scenarios came to fruition. The entire ACA – ObamaCare – bill was constructed in the dark of night behind closed doors. Not one republican was included in any of the debate. When democrats learned that they did not have enough votes, the President conjured back room deals with taxpayer dollars to bribe Senators into voting for the bill.

The American citizenry was told repeatedly that, “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan, period.” In the parlance of political rhetoric, the word “period” means emphatically and undeniably true.

When the law rolled out in 2014, after several delays to avoid election impact, approximately 7 million American’s lost their health care plan because the plans did not meet ObamaCare mandates. Soon thereafter, the WH claimed that 7.5 million had signed up for ObamaCare – a net gain of 500,000 insured.

America’s 44th President also claimed that the cost of health care for the average family would decrease by $2,500 per year. In fact, it rose approximately $2,500 per year with deductibles doubling and oftentimes tripling. It is expected to rise precipitously each of the next 10 years by 150%.

You Didn't Build That

The Stimulus Package

The one and only effort to create jobs and get the economy rolling again was the “Stimulus” package. President Obama claimed that there were "shovel-ready" jobs and his stimulus would get the unemployment rate below 5% in his first term - this never happened, not even close.

As it turned out; the only thing the Stimulus created was a brand new phrase – “Saved or created.” This was clever, but incredibly misleading. If taken in its puritanical form, anyone that did not lose their job, that job was saved.

The phrase was invented because the stimulus did nothing except put the country deeper in debt. When Senator Obama was on the stump in 2008, he touted that President Bush racking up nearly $5 trillion in debt during his tenure was “Unpatriotic.”

Under the Obama Administration, in just six years, the debt has increased by an imponderable $8 trillion and stands tall at $18.1 trillion. This is more debt collated than the previous 43 presidents combined. In the parlance of Senator Obama, one would have to assume that the President is doubly unpatriotic.

Map of Ferguson MI


Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Repeatedly, President Obama has jumped the gun and before any evidentiary facts are released, he chimes in on alleged white on black racial incidents. He was dead wrong in regards to the Boston police incident when he said the (white) cops acted “stupidly.”

He was dead wrong in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. Mr. Zimmerman was an overzealous cop 'wannabe', but that is not a crime. Obama was dead wrong in the New York City take down of a repeat criminal. This man died of a heart attack one hour after he arrived at the hospital. The decedent’s wife and daughter stated that it was not a case of racism.

He was dead wrong again in the Ferguson shooting case. If Michael Brown had survived the shooting, he would have been arrested for robbery (liquor store), assault and battery of a police officer, attempted larceny of an officers firearm, a minor in possession of alcohol, and resisting arrest. He would have spent years in prison.

The precise forensic evidence and witness accounts showed that the police officer, Darren Wilson, feared for his life and defended himself from a charging 6’ 5’ 290 pound man. A young man’s life was lost due to his poor decision-making and nothing more. Officer Wilson could have acted differently, but he followed the protocol.

After the Missouri Grand Jury filed no charges, Attorney General Eric Holder conducted his own investigation with the help of dozens of federal lawyers and staff. He has concluded that there was no evidence of police wrong doing. This was quietly “leaked” and the mainstream media has not covered it.

The Brown family has suffered a harrowing tragedy. No parent should outlive their child. One can only hope they can heal and mourn peacefully.

CNN's Account of the Benghazi Attack

Benghazi, Libya

Ambassador Stevens begged for more security on several occasions from his friend Hillary Clinton. Then Secretary of State (SOS) Clinton not only denied more security, it was lessened. Chatter of an attack prompted Clinton to give a conciliatory speech just hours before the onslaught.

Former military men in the vicinity were told to stand down three times until they took it upon themselves to attempt a rescue of the Ambassador. The men were part of the security team and they did their best to thwart off nearly one hundred militants.

Four Americans were killed, but dozens of American lives were saved. Approximately three dozen were among the rescued and to this day, they are not permitted to speak about the incident. The WH claims that national security is at stake, but this is undoubtedly blasphemous.

President Obama stated that this was a spontaneous reaction to an anti-Muslim video tape. SOS Clinton concurred and this blatant fabrication was repeated for two weeks. When it became clear to everyone that this was a well planned, highly organized, and militaristically deployed attack, radio silence was the consensus.

The facts are contorted and honesty takes new shape when politicians face those pesky upcoming elections. This is not restricted to this president alone, but he was the only president at the time.

ISIS Controlled In Syria and Iraq


Obama Poll On ISIS

Is President Obama Doing Enough to Defeat ISIS?

See results

ISIS, Islamic Extremists, and Jihad

For reasons unfathomable, the words ISIS, Islamic Extremist, Radical Islamists, and Jihad are banned from any verbiage from the WH. They all insist on calling the terrorist group ISIL. They claim that the Taliban are not a terrorist group – "they are bad guys that commit terrorist acts."

The Taliban was officially labeled a terrorist group back in 2003. They were considered this until the President negotiated with them for captured hostage Bowe Bergdahl. He was not a prisoner of war, and neither are any Gitmo detainees.

The U.S. traded the equivalent of 5 five-star Generals for a deserter. Bergdahl left his comrades to seek out the Taliban and join their efforts to kill Americans. Releasing terrorist killers in a time of war is aiding and abetting the enemy.

The five terrorists merely have to stay in Qatar for one year and then they are free to rejoin the fight. One of the five has already contacted the Taliban and they will all be heralded as heroes. They’re status will be higher than ever and this unprecedented trade will cost American lives sooner than later.

America has seen ISIS behead three of its citizens and killed a woman. The world watched them burn a man alive. Today they burned 45 Iraqi citizens alive which will undoubtedly be released on YouTube soon.

Just a few months ago, the president called ISIS a “Jayvee” team as if we have nothing to worry about. They are now active in Libya, Indonesia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Pakistan, Algeria, the Philippines, Gaza, Lebanon, and parts of Jordan and Egypt.

When you cannot identify and label your enemy correctly, you cannot defeat them. Since the bombings began, ISIS has doubled the amount of territory the rule in Syria and Iraq. They have a five-year plan that stunningly frightening.

They have stated that they are coming to America. With our wide open borders; they are probably already here. If these murderous thugs are not removed from this planet soon, their death and destruction will spread throughout the entire planet.

To date, there is no strategy to defeat ISIS. Dropping a few bombs a day from 10,000 feet will stop nothing. It will annoy the terrorists, but their will is stronger than America's right now.


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    • Russ Teed profile imageAUTHOR

      Russ Teed 

      4 years ago from Cape Cod, MA

      I figured half the readers would bash me, the other half would love me, lol.

    • Nancy B Burrell profile image

      Nancy B Burrell 

      4 years ago

      Thank you for speaking out...


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