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Obama's Health Care Plan Whats the Rush?

Updated on December 1, 2014

What's the big rush? Why can't we just wait, take the time to let everyone put thier two cents worth in it. Let congress decipher every aspect of the plan, and make sure it makes everyone just peachy and happy.

Yeah B.S.! Let me ask you this. What if we would have known that 9/11 was coming say on 8/11. Would we have sat around until 9/12 and let congress decide on the best way to approach Al Queda? Hell no!!

We need healt care reform, and we need it now. Thousands of americans die everyday because they don't have proper health care. Thats like a 9/11 happening everyday, and people want to allow congress to sit around and piddle with health care reform in between golf outings, and thier travel plans, and use it as a typical political football like all other tasks. The pin heads in congress will play around with it and use it for political leverage and favors until the only thing left is that which helps thier big money constituents win big like the drug companies.

Thats B.S. There is only one way a health care plan is going to get through, and thats to literally have a plan, and shove it down congress's throat while the pin headed idiots choke on it. We voted Obama in for his idealism of a new America. The only thing we can do is trust his leadership to get things done. If we didn't trust him, why did we elect him. We new he was a fairly liberal idealistic man when he was running for office. We all voted for a change. All he is doing is pushing a bunch of people around to get a job done. Will health care reform be perfect when he's done? Probably not, but at least we will have a strting point.

Heres the deal. An estimated fourty seven million Americans are without insurance, millions of those are in need of some type of procedure that without insurance coverage, doctors and or hospitals will not perform. The only way they will do anything for those patients in dire need is for thier condition to worsen to the point where they are dying and in an emergency room, and even then, quite often the emergency room will just patch them up, and send them home.

I heard Rush Limbaugh's interview on Greta Van Susterans Fox news the other night talking about how no one in America is denied health care, and that all they have to do is go to a hospital. I agree with Rush on many subjects, but this one he is dead wrong. Granted, if your health is a absolute emergency, your dying in an emergency room, they will take you in and fix you up as inexpensively as they can without insurance, but thats it.

So when you hear someone complaining the health care reform bill being pushed too fast, imagine if it were you or someone you love that needed change to survive, or imagine if you or one of your loved ones were in the twin towers on the morning of 9/11, and congress was still tossing around a plan of attack against Al Queda at 8:00am on 09/11, what would you be doing then.

You may have perfect insurance and not have a concern, but i didn't know anyone that was in the twin towers on 09/11, but I definetly would have been extremely considerate of the urgency to act.

Another thing, the uninsured are not asking for a government hand out. Most uninsured themselves, or their family's have paid money into the system thier entire lives, and they are just saying to spend what they have paid in at the most importatnt places, whats more important, an Americans life, or a citizen of Iraqs freedom. I'm just saying.



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    • gandalfthegrey profile image


      9 years ago

      The U.S. is the only major industrialized Nation on Earth without a Universal Health Care system. It gives a financial advantage to business if there is a viable pulic option alongside the current system. It fosters competition, meaning lower prices for ALL. Small business should be lining up behind the plan to save themselves money, rather than having employees with no Health Care.

    • profile image

      Someone with an opinion 

      9 years ago

      In reply to the coments on health care I would like to say I agree with you guys in some way but I believe in my situation I did not have health care and I shopped around with different carriers and I came across Blue Shield of California and was able to buy a health plan for $49. To me seemed like a very resonable price also that price is for some one who is the age of 29.Now from what Ive seen from media and different post people want pretty much free health care, I dont have problem with that but we have medical for those people who can't afford private insurance and even then people who were on medical were still abusing the plan giving false information so they would qualify and in my opinion because of some greedy people many needy people loose out on benefits. I think what they should do is work with insurance comopanies hospitals doctor's and try to figure out a way to lower cost and accept people with pre excisting conditions but thats just my opinion. I would like to finish with this people complain about paying for insurance they dont have money for that but they can afford a $200 family plan for cell phone (in case of an emergency) but they can't afford a health plan in case of an emegency

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      With all due respect, the US has been waiting since 1948 for health care reform. The insurance and pharmaceutical companies have made certain that it never happens. This is no different. The president has already capitulated to the lobbyists who are giving millions to various legislators. Real health care change, which means single payer, or socialized medicine, will not see the light of day. Profit is our god; we might as well face it. And those nasty ads about the hell holes of socialized medicine--Canada, France, Holland, Denmark, Japan, etc.--are all lies. I lived in Canada for a long time. Greatest health care in the world.


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