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Obama's Jay Vee Team

Updated on January 25, 2017


In 2014, President Obama made reference to ISIS as the Jay Vee team. We all know what he meant. A junior varsity team is not as competent as the more experienced Varsity team. With the election of President Trump, we are seeing how a Varsity team operates in the White House.

- Jan. 2017


The Obama Administration had one of the lowest percent of members with any business experience. It was 28%. They were expected to turn the country around after one of the deepest recession in history. As it turned out, they failed to do just that. Moreover, they also failed on a slew of other fronts. Here are some of the players on his team that contributed.

  • Jonathan Gruber - Failed ACA healthcare act.
  • Susan Rice - National Security Advisor and architect of Bengahzi.
  • Ben Rhodes - Deputy National Security Advisor - Iran nuclear deal.
  • Josh Earnest - Press Secretary and spinner In chief.
  • Kathleen Sebilius - Secretary of HHS, chief implementor of ACA health exchange website.
  • John Brennan - CIA director, spied on US Senators.
  • Michael Rogers - NSA director spied on the America people.
  • James Clapper - Director of National Intelligence lied to Congress.
  • Eric Holder - Attorney General and comtempt of Congress.
  • John Koskinen - IRS chief who presided over scandal to pick on Conservative groups.
  • Eric Shinseki - Secretary of Veteran Affairs, failed to correct scandals at the VA.
  • Gina McCarthy - Director of the EPA, over reach regulations and killed coal industry.
  • John Kerry - Secretary of State, failed foreign policy...and Iran Deal.


Part of President Obama's legacy will be his team. They were chosen and appointed by him and their actions are reflected in his performance.


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    • Dont Taze Me Bro profile image

      Banned cause of PISSANTS Promisem and Dean Traylor 

      22 months ago

      To even think of making a comparison between a junior varsity high school team and a terrorist organization and a professional basketball team and another terrorist organization is so sophomoric and tells you much about how the liberal mind works, just how out of touch with reality BO is.

      On the other hand your comparison of BO's team to a JV team is so right on it's embarrassing and emphasizes the inexperience and incompetence his people were at winning anything.


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