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Obama's Last Ditch Effort to Delegitimize the Win of Donald Trump

Updated on December 22, 2017

The Election

The US presidential election 2016 was nothing like what was earlier. This was an election with more bitterness and TIME magazine summed it succinctly by mentioning a " Divided America". Much of the fever was built by the 4th estate and the intelligentsia which took on itself the onus of stopping Donald Trump. The mandarins of the 4th estate all from the Ivy league thought that by trolling Donald at each and every opportunity a victory for Hillary was assured. They also published Gallup polls that indicated in no small measure a victory for Hillary. So much was the rhetoric against Trump that many convinced themselves that come what may, Donald is sure to lose. Many GOP members who had chaffed at Donald winning the nomination also joined this bandwagon and picked up points from his conduct to women to show that Donald should not be a winner.

Role of the Ivy League

Perhaps the IVY league did not have an ear to the ground and when Donald won, all hell broke lose. The brigade which had convinced itself that Donald would lose were bewildered and fresh efforts were planned to show that Donald won by foul means and they picked up his quotes on Russia and Putin to buttress their claim. These people led by Barak Mohammed Obama decided that the last ditch effort needed to show the American people that they had been fooled in electing Donald and in reality he was supported by the Russians who had hacked into the election scenario to support Trump.

The aim was clear to put the blame on Russian hacking as a support measure for Trump. The CIA was roped in and many in Congress both from the Democrat and GOP echoed these thoughts. The GOP members were those who at one stage had opposed Donald and so here was a way to get back to the winner.

Joining the Bandwagon

One of the methods was to paint Trump as a Russian stooge who is unfit to be president of USA. Obama led the bandwagon for the simple reason as he saw his legacy being reduced to zero. He had not bargained on a Hillary defeat and he needed some way out to delegitimize the election of Trump. Many GOP members also not happy with Trump chipped in.Obama behaved in a partisan manner and it's a pity he is leaving such a legacy behind. He did some good by opening to Cuba and visiting Hiroshima but he spoilt it by joining a ragtag group by opposing Putin and Netayanahu.

His aim was to present Trump with a fait accompli and "box in" the president-elect. It was a devious plan and here he cooked up the cyber attack from Russia and got a vote against the Israel settlements through. There is enough evidence to show that Obama administration orchestrated both the events. The actions against the Russians was unprecedented as was the vote in the UN security council. Sadly he achieved nothing and Putin refused to bite the bait and everybody know that Donald has tweeted that he will put the clock back after 20 January when he is the president.

The Future

Obama must be wondering what to do. He has nothing to show for his 8 years as President. He had come on the plea of stopping all wars but he leaves behind a war in Afghanistan and Iraq. In addition, history will record that the ISIS was entirely created and gained strength during the period he was president. His withdrawal from Iraq led to the ISIS running over the entire state and in a way he compounded the mistake of Bush.

Add to this the defeat of Hillary and his cup of woe is full. He has now by an executive action blamed Russia for interfering in the US election. He has called it hacking and a cyber war by Russia. But he has no proof to divulge or share and relies only on rhetoric. This may not be enough as many will see through his game.


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