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Why We have War, Violence, Poverty, and Do We Care?

Updated on February 8, 2010

Most People are Basically Good but still very imnature

They need wise and careful handling
They need wise and careful handling

"If People are Free to Choose, They Will Always Choose Peace."

Plumbing and Human Rights

For the last two thousand years the human race has been making tremendous progress in everything from plumbing to human rights, and this progress has been picking up speed exponentially during the last half century. There is no reason to think that it's going to slow down, because nothing in our world is going to do anything but continue to speed up. In his Nobel Peace speech, President Obama made a huge mistake when he said that we will never see peace in our lifetimes. He doesn't know that and saying it set us back, simply because in this age of growing awareness, every word on the international stage sends ripples of powerful energy through our global family. Particularly because the media is so powerful a force for spreading information almost instantaneously, such a powerful authority figure as President Obama has magnified influence.

I agree with him that we must be “clear eyed” about the state of the world today. There are few “peaceniks” more intense than I am, but I also clearly see that the human race is still evolving toward being a peaceful people. We still have those who are barbaric and primitive, who use religion and God as a war cry and justification for slaughtering innocent people. Most of the world's 6.5 billion people are, by far, good, caring folks who just want to live a comfortable and secure life. But, the one tenth of one percent who are either ignorant, weak minded, or evil are the ones who are giving us all the trouble and conflict. They are small in number but dangerous and not to be dismissed. In this age of nuclear garbage and Internet proliferation.

The Danger of Believing: Terrorists are Made not Born

There is a huge difference between fear and intelligence. Being clear-minded and seeing danger allows one to apply the power of intelligence to any situation, personal or global. This handful of maniacal, evil and barbaric fanatics who want to destroy the western world in the name of God are still fighting the Crusades. They carry on the responsibility for defending the honor of their ancestors' who were devastated by the Christian armies that committed unimaginable horrors almost eight hundred years ago in the name of the same God. That is why, all ideologies, including all religions are potentially lethal. Just as terrorist leaders today use their belief systems to poison the minds of young, impressionable people into becoming their living robot bombs, history is full of examples of the slaughter, rape, and pillage in the name of one god or another. Of course, these terrorist leaders are also driven by the ego-maniacal desire that is still the centerpiece of human desires, the attaining of ultimate power. We can imagine their wet dreams of sitting in the Oval Office.

President Obama was right in saying, that we have to be clear-eyed in seeking peace and protecting ourselves from these relatively few egomaniacs who prowl the deep mountain valleys, the dirty ghetto streets, the steamy jungle villages and the Internet chat rooms looking for those young, sensitive minds seeking for a place to belong and a cause. Humans will always seek peace, but it must be an intelligent peace, one based on awareness of the emotional developmental backwardness of some of our brothers and sisters.

The Emotionally and Spiritually Underdeveloped

In my opinion, what President Obama missed an opportunity to pointed out that there are still some emotionally and spiritually underdeveloped people and countries on this planet, and that theorists are made, not born. The fact is that there are some of us who have not yet developed to the point of recognizing that peace is of benefit to all of us. Nor do the few ignorant even want peace, because for them violence is the tool that will get them the recognition that their immature personalities crave.

These immature people exist in every country. Those in so-called first-world nations like our own who do not want to endanger their profits for an environmentally clean planet are also immature and developmentally disabled. Those who are too greedy to support the elimination of poverty are too immature to recognize that poverty is one the cornerstones of insecurity and violence.

In short, I think that President Obama did not use the chance he had to define exactly why we are in the predicament we are and that countries like Afghanistan, Iran and North Korea are like little children who want to play in the same league as their big brothers. They are not yet ready for the big time and should be treated as the children they are until they show the maturity of civilized nations. Would you let your children run your household? On the other hand, we, the so-called civilized nations need to be honest about our own lack of maturity. In reality, we are like teenagers with our parent's expensive cars and credit cards who do not yet know how to be responsible with wealth.

President Obama's Worthiness

Clearly, In a few short months, through his leadership he has lifted up our country and the whole world, both economically, morally and spiritually, from the despair into which we were plunged over the last eight. He has brought us back to the point where we can once again dream and hope enough to work for toward world peace. This is not a political statement, but one that is the objective truth that any balanced, integrated, intelligent human being can easily see.


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    • Sgscalese profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Tucson, Arizona

      SimeyC, Obama has worked a near miracle by pulling us back from the brink of disaster in few short months, but we are a nation of wimps who have not learned to be patient and put off gratification. We are the "gotta have it now" people. The real poor and, actually, most of the wealthy have had to learn these essential adult traits, but the spoiled middle class have not. They can't stand any discomfort. Obama was elected to create change, and he is, but it's not going to happen overnight. And, trying to change Washington is like trying to move Mt. Everest. The deep-rooted greed of corporations and their thousands of lobbyists is what's threatening us and brought us to the brink in the first place. Obama is the only one who's up to this monumental task. If he can't do it, we're sunk. He's getting no cooperation but only push back from the guardians of the status quo and their own wallets. The rest of the world can see what he's doing and respects him more than his own country, because they're not caught in the political bias. All is well, though. All is happening as it is suppose to. Blessings for the holidays and the new year.

    • SimeyC profile image

      Simon Cook 

      9 years ago from NJ, USA

      Very interesting hub here. I'm also one of the few that believe that perhaps Obama deserved the prize. If you really look around the world, US is now talking to North Korea, US is talking to Iran, US is helping Israel and Palestine talk.....this would never have happened before Obama - not because what previous presidents did was wrong, but because Obama is trying something different. He may go down as the President who screwed up in a big way - but at least he is trying something different, something that gets rid of the old Brinkmanship....


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