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Obama's Presidency Down the Toilet

Updated on December 23, 2013

America deserves better then "we screwed up"

Obama on December 20th, 2013 finally admits that that they “screwed up” Obama care. I am curious to what the president needs to change and why he doesn’t tell us his plan to fix it. Obvious problems with the website could be a sign that Obama care shouldn’t have happened in the first place. But, as always push it to the next year for it to get fixed. I can’t blame him, if my hair turned to 50 shades of grey in a matter of a year I would be worried about my mental health too!

How did Obama care get screwed up? Well first things first, a little about myself. I have worked in the insurance industry for a couple years and I don’t pretend to know everything about the topic, the vast information makes that impossible. A few things I do know.

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  1. Our nation has nurtured sick care. NOT healthcare.

  2. People without insurance are still being treated and likely will continue.

  3. Large corporations are taking over local hospitals monopolizing the healthcare industry.

  4. Networks are being ruthlessly controlled by hospitals and companies like Anthem in attempt to keep local hospitals and companies from going self-funded.

  5. Insurance companies work with hospitals to pay less for claims yet the insured never see the benefit as prices increase more and more.

  6. Since 1999 or the last 14 years, the percentage of uninsured has barely risen. So why the big fuss now? (

  7. Since insurance was created the state and federal governments have fought over facilitating insurance. Whoever has control makes the $$. Naturally they both want $$ but it was decided for our best interest to allow the states to control insurance policy within that state.

40% of uninsured are between the ages of 19 and 35

Insurance offers cost savings for the old and increases for the young

The amount of uninsured since 1999 hasn't fluctuated

Hardly an increase in uninsured %'s

Uninsured is the least of our problems!

What does this all mean? Well, for one the problem is much larger than people simply not being insured. The problem is money dictates our actions. When decisions are made there is a winner and loser.

If you remember earlier this year, 2014 was set to change a lot of things not just for an individual but also for businesses. Businesses were going to be required to offer insurance when they have 50 or more full time employees. But not anymore! With all the problems you would think they would change the mandate for individuals too. Nope, if this isn’t a clear cut example of American politics I don’t know what is! The insurance companies with the money have the power. Why are we requiring every American to have health insurance? Because it makes the people in our government and their affiliates more money!


The Government wants you to believe people are unable to pay for insurance because of affordability and that is why Obama care was started. Insurance isn't cheap and the price keeps going up.So Obama care will lower the cost? Absolutely not! Let me explain why.

First off there are multiple reasons for not having insurance; obviously cost, age, health, beliefs, and probably the most important VALUE!

I am a proud American and I believe we have some of the most intelligent people in the world and that is why Obama care WILL NOT WORK! I will use myself as an example.

I do not have health insurance and I WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN OBAMACARE! Why? It doesn’t make sense to pay 10-12x’s more per year for my medical costs. I WILL NOT TRUST THE SAME PEOPLE WHO RUN SOCIAL SECURITY TO DO A GOOD JOB RUNNING HEALTHCARE. Someone (healthy) in my position wouldn’t be able to come to terms with paying more to offset the risk of old sick people.

Who’s to say I am going to have a discounted plan for when I am older? The only true way I foresee young individuals saving money later on is to SAVE MONEY NOW! You never know what can happen and you do not want responsibility resting on our government’s shoulders to provide you with care because you will likely be in for a rude awakening.

Obama claimed 2014 could be a breakout year. Well because he is willing tell you ANYTHING you want to hear and he has been doing it since he was elected. Obama nor his cronies have handle on this situation and never will.

How can all of us be required to enroll into Obama care and not the government cronies themselves? Unconstitutional yet nothing is being done.

The government made it clear that they can’t force you to have health insurance; it’s unconstitutional to do so. Hypothetically if they decided they could force everyone to have health insurance how would they do it? Everyone has their opinions but I am sure the majority of people would say THROUGH TAXATION! So what is the difference from today? NOTHING! The government was ingenious for creating this lie, acting as though they are upholding the constitution and only enacting their ability to tax. This fact alone made me scared for this beautiful nation full of wonderful people! Dare I say anything about the NSA or Obama Cell phone tax? Don’t get me started.

I have come to the sad conclusion our government can’t do anything right but build roads, invade countries, and protect its boarder.

Obama's presidency is going down the toilet and as far as I am concerned he has sold the United States to the insurance companies. The problem far exceeds his abilities as a commander in chief and in my life time I have never seen so many people distrust the president.


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