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Obama's Unraveling Foreign Policy Fiasco in Iraq

Updated on May 23, 2015

It is a fiasco. President Obama's vision of foreign policy in Iraq, against ISIS, against Russia , against Syria and for Iran, shows a naïve vision and false expectations. He thinks that if America plays by the rules and fair, America's foes will be less extreme and more reasonable in some respects and will stay away from America's shores.. He is willing to accommodate much too often resulting in the other side getting what it needs and then returns with a vengeance.

The Iraq mess is a direct result of his insistence of filling political promises at any cost. Everyone now states that had they known then to what is now known about WMD's in Iraq, most state the invasion into Iraq to topple Hussein would not occur. Its such a stupid, useless question. Hindsight is ALWAYS 20\20 vision. It was done, it worked.

The mistake occurred in 2011. Obama made a political promise to remove all US troops from Iraq by December, and by the 18th, that happened. Then, President Obama stated that America had left a stable and self-reliant Iraq that represented its people. This war was done and deemed a success. Then, in 2012, Obama elected to really liquidate any US military presence by abandoning equipment, turning over bases to Iraqis will little preparation, removed any intelligence apparatus that could gather information and no longer controlled the airspace. As soon as this was done, the Iraqis proved that they were not ready for this responsibility despite any training given them. Then, there was no ISIS, al-Qaeda was gone from Anbar. Iranian influences in Basra and Sadr City were defeated also.

It was only a matter of time starting in 2013, that such easy prey (Iraq) would befell to radical strains of Islamic bullshit, first with al-Qaeda returning to parts of the country and then ISIS. All along with the debacle in Syria which Obama backdowned from his own red line because Syria had used chemical weapons. We all know how that ended up- yes, while most of those weapons are now gone, Assad is not, the war grinds on to its fourth year, and Syria continues to use chemical weapons!

Now, only the USA can solve it along with Saudi Arabia and others. Yet, nobody wants to. Obama created this mess and still refuses to believe it. He is in denial. What is needed is that ruthless mentality that ISIS is evil and needs to be destroyed. Then, use special forces in attacks weekly to pinprick. Use much heavier airpower on targets and on Raqqa, ISIS' capital. Just flatten it. Do not worry about casualties there. We did this many times in WW2. It was what was needed. Harass the lines of communications ISIS uses daily, no let up. Send another 3000 American trainers and others to stiffen the Iraqi army resolve. That would make a total of 6000. Use the 122nd A-10 Squadron based near Baghdad to help the Iraqi army. This was not done in the battle for Ramadi. This unit itself could have made the difference there. Send the Kurds more deadly weapons than just light arms and allow them to advance on ISIS in their area.

President Obama wants to fight a war with few resources. He wants others to do the fighting. His so called 60 nation coalition is such a joke. Of all of them, only Jordan and Saudi Arabia have been willing to use their military power. Obama is following a war fighting method that has proven to fail. One with many political and military limits, in this respect, it is similar to Vietnam, which America lost.


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