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Obama's Perspectives and Why the Western World Will Suffer

Updated on November 29, 2017
Ken Burgess profile image

Grew up on Cape Cod, Mass. Army Vet., Fmr. Director of Energy Conservation programs, RE Agent. Current residence: the Space Coast, FL.

In a country more than 225 years old (since the adoption of the Constitution in 1787) we have never had a former President set up and direct an opposition movement to oppose the acting President, until now.

Former President Obama helped set up a group called “Organizing for Action” OFA made up of more than thirty thousand people (and growing with volunteers) to actively work against everything that our current president is trying to do.

According to one New York Times article (see sources below):

OFA is behind the strategic and tactical implementation of the resistance we are seeing across America, and politically active courts are providing the leverage for this revolution. OFA is dedicated to organizing communities for “progressive” change. Issues are gun control, socialist healthcare, sexual equality, and of course, immigration reform. OFA members were propped up by the ex-president’s message from the shadows: “Organizing is the building block of everything great we’ve accomplished.

In short, it’s the shadow government organization aimed at resisting and tearing down the Constitutional Republic.

With that in mind, as critical as we may be of the current President, I feel we should consider the actions and motives of our former President as well.

First let us set the proper foundation. In order to try and understand someone's perspectives and beliefs, one has to understand what has made them who they are, as best as possible. No one is born with religious or political beliefs, they are taught, they are learned through experiences, they oftentimes are part of the very culture we belong to.

What type of questions have been brought up time and again about this President: Why did he change his name to a Muslim name? Why did he state that the Muslim morning prayer is the most beautiful sound he ever heard? Why is he always apologizing to other nations for what America has done in the past?

The above, and many more, have been thrown out there for many years, and unfortunately rather than be truly exposed, explored, and vetted... they were buried and ignored. And that has become a great fount of distrust and discouragement for many Americans, while even leaving those who most earnestly want to support him, confused on the matter.

Rather than celebrate his past, that he was indeed a citizen of Indonesia at one time, that indeed he was a student of Islam for much of his childhood, it was only the fringe outlets that ever reported such a thing. The mainstream media ignored his background, and immediately went to character assassinating anyone who dared to bring it up, calling them racist, extremist, conspiracy theorist, etc.

Note from minutes 9 to 15

Notice in that video, around minute 14, that he says he learned to keep his own council, he learned to hide his emotion, his real beliefs. Now I have heard argued that this is also what the Koran teaches, that those who are Muslim are to lie to and deceive the infidels as necessary... unfortunately all this deception, this effort to hide one's true beliefs, or one's past, lends to the distrust many now have even if the best and most enlightened motivations are behind them.

So why does this all matter?

Jeffrey Goldberg, in a recent article, pointed out some critical points to understanding this:

Obama, in my reading, does not suffer illusions about the pathologies afflicting the broader Muslim world. If anything, his pessimism on matters related to the dysfunctions of Muslim states, and to the inability of the umma—the worldwide community of Muslims—to contain and ultimately neutralize the extremist elements in its midst, has, at times, an almost-paralyzing effect on him. The president has come to the conclusion (as I outlined in my recent Atlantic cover story, "the Obama Doctrine") that the underlying problems afflicting Islam are too deep, and too resistant to American intervention, to warrant implementation of the sort of policies [Pro-American hardliners and] foreign-policy think tanks, demand.

Early in his first term, Obama believed (rather too naively, in my opinion) that he could, in fact, make a substantive difference. He delivered a speech in Cairo that was meant to reset relations with Muslims, but was also meant, he later told me, to challenge Muslims to cease manufacturing excuses for problems of their own making. He told me recently, in reference to the Cairo speech, “My argument was this. Let’s all stop pretending that the cause of the Middle East’s problems is Israel. We want to work to help achieve statehood and dignity for the Palestinians, but I was hoping that my speech could trigger a discussion, could create space for Muslims to address the real problems they are confronting—problems of governance, and the fact that some currents of Islam have not gone through a reformation that would help people adapt their religious doctrines to modernity.”

He gave the Cairo speech in 2009. By 2012—as the revolutions of the Arab Spring were curdling, and as Libya drifted toward chaos, despite a partial U.S. intervention — Obama saw the problems affecting parts of the Muslim world as largely outside American control. At its best, this belief keeps him from rushing into disasters not of America’s making; at its worst, it keeps him from taking steps that stand a chance of making things better.

Now consider that, and consider his background and his upbringing. Isn't his outlook the same as if President Roosevelt had said "the problems affecting parts of the world are largely outside of American control." and we chose never to fight Germany and Japan, instead we just sent some planes and funding to China and England and let them fight it out and hope for the best.

To be clear, this is a different kind of war that we are in, this isn't a full blown nation vs. nation war... or is it?

Aren't these terrorist organizations being funded by nations like Iran? Aren't they toppling nations (Syria, Libya, Iraq) and spreading their war to Europe and our shores as well?

Shouldn't America be as pro-active and fully mobilized against this threat, as we became against the Axis nations when they attacked our interests and our nation?

But this goes against Obama's beliefs, his foundation, this is stated in his books, which many have chosen to disregard. Much the same way Jews in Germany chose to ignore the rantings put down for all to read in Mein Kampf. The beliefs and intentions are stated there for anyone to read... for some reason people choose to ignore them or disbelieve them. Not that I want to compare the two as in any way similar... merely that, amazingly, people choose to outright ignore the very written words leaders put down to be read, and then those very same people act astonished to find out they act upon those beliefs when given a chance.

Does the rise in Immigration correlate to a rise in Terrorism?

Recent efforts by Congress to investigate the immigration histories of at least 113 foreign-born individuals snagged on terror charges since 2014 have been blocked by the Obama administration. There are at least 1,000 open investigations into ISIS members residing in the United States, sources said.

Similar to the way two FBI investigations into Omar Mateen (Orlando Massacre) were blocked by the State Dept. and DHS’s Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Office, during Obama's Administration Muslims have been given a wide range of protections other citizens don't enjoy.

Networks of radicalized individuals are already forming within the United States due to a massive influx of more than 680,000 immigrants from Muslim-majority nations during the past five years, according to Stephen Miller, spokesman for Sen. Jeff Sessions (R., Ala.), who has worked to expose flaws in the U.S. immigration system.

“Unprecedented rates of migration, combined with poor screening, have created a perfect storm,” Miller said. “There are now nearly 1,000 open ISIS investigations within our borders, and underneath these cases are large extremists networks made possible by a total lack of immigration controls.”

Is there a real threat in America?

The Muslim Brotherhood's strategy for realizing its mission of "destroying Western civilization from within" was described in an undated 1991 Muslim Brotherhood document entitled "Phases of the World Underground Movement Plan."

It is a roadmap to 'civilization jihad', a form of warfare that employs manipulative financial techniques, lawfare, infiltration of our civil institutions and government and insidious information dominance.

© 2016 Ken Burgess


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