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Obama’s America; Land of the Greed and Home of the Slave

Updated on November 3, 2009

If you haven’t been made aware of it yet; President Hussein Obama’s mentor Reverend Jeremiah Wright is at it again. His speech at the 60th anniversary celebration of the independent socialist magazine, the Monthly Review, was riddled with his antagonism for the United States of America. On Sept. 17, 2009, Wright, President Barack Hussein Obama’s mentor for 20 years, once again revealed his disdain and lack of respect for the United States of America in a speech delivered in New York in which he paralleled his black-liberation theology with the Marxist ideology that is the central theme of the Monthly Review magazine.

In typical Reverend Wright fashion, he called the United States, "the land of the greed and the home of the slave." Wright's antipathy towards the United States was apparent as he chronicled his childhood as one during which he experienced the racism of America; his teenage years were in a segregated country that has never apologized for slavery; and his college years were molded in the cauldron of the sit-ins in Richmond, Va., the capital of the Confederacy!

He went on to extol the virtues of Karl Marx and the Marxist ideology comparing it to his own intellectual history. He stressed the benefits received from his exposure to revolutionary socialist political parties in Latin America, including the FMLN in El Salvador and Sandinistas in Nicaragua. Also, he referenced his 1984 trip with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan to visit Muammar Gadhafi in Libya as an experience from which he benefited. This is the same man Barrack Hussein Obama chose to follow for twenty years. Yet, when confronted with Wright’s extremist views Obama said “the sermons I heard him preach always related to our obligation to love God and one another, to work on behalf of the poor, and to seek justice at every turn” denying he ever heard Wright spewing anti American rhetoric!

Wright went on calling for a "New World Socialist Order" in which the U.S. legal system would be reconstituted in favor of the poor. A New World Order; isn’t that what Obama’s chief puppeteer George Soros of Move on dot org fame is working towards. The fact is Wright and his pupil of 20 years, Barrack Hussein Obama believe racism was built into the Constitution in that Africans were originally defined as "property not people" with property trumping people.

So just how are Reverend Wright’s economic policies as implemented by his star pupil Hussein Obama working out; how’s this New World Order coming along? Well let’s examine how the economy is working these days: housing sales have come to a screeching halt; Business both large and small continues to decline; the unemployment rate has soared to almost 10% and still climbing and Wall Street has no confidence in this economy! Seems to me they are right on target in their attempts to destroy our economy and reestablish their New World Order!

One of the most important things to remember about socialism is it fails eventually because human beings have an innate desire for liberty and a strong need for personal property rights. People expect government to protect them from violence and theft yet it is ironic that within a Socialist Regime government plays the role of bandit! When you start taxing people at extreme rates to pay for socialist "benefits," when you start telling them which schools their children must attend, when you start giving jobs away to people based on race instead of ability; you quash human freedom. Eventually it results in the collapse of the economic system of that country and that’s how Barrack Hussein, Reverend Jeremiah Wright and George Soros intend to establish their New World Order built on Social Justice as defined by them!



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    • breakfastpop profile image

      breakfastpop 7 years ago

      Great hub, Patritot,

      I saw that speech and I was appalled. I can't believe more of the American people are not horrified at the rhetoric this man spews and specifically that he was and still is a mentor and spiritual leader to Obama.

    • profile image

      Partisan Patriot 7 years ago

      Thanks Sheri

      For months they’ve been telling us are you going to believe us or your lying eyes when it came to the economy continually tanking; the unemployment rate continuing to escalate and we support the troops! Now they are saying are you going to believe Hussein Obama or your Lying Ears!

    • SheriSapp profile image

      SheriSapp 7 years ago from West Virginia

      You are so right in your observations here. I still am amazed that people were foolish enough to believe the Annointed One when he said he spent 20 years in that church and never heard the hate speech that was obvious to the rest of us. Maybe it is because to Barry, that wasn't hate speech, it was simply a statement of fact.