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Obese People Can't Participate in Economy?

Updated on August 5, 2012
Man working In a city
Man working In a city

America's War On the Overweight- My views of an article

The article “America’s War on the Overweight” argues that obese people are perceived by the public to be a drain on the nation’s resources needed in the war. Basically, there is a belief that people hate obese people and, as a result, the people that are overweight are scared to go to the doctor for fear of embarrassment. The article elaborates that the more people say that overweight people are sloppy and lazy, the more likely they are to believe it and become those things. The article also says that many risk factors, such as diseases, can be a result of obesity. These diseases waste tax money because of health care required by the people that are overweight who cannot support themselves financially.

I disagree with the arguments in the article because, even though the people who are overweight cannot do certain jobs in the workforce, they can still actively take part by working on computers and doing creative thinking or organization. People who are overweight are perceived as not taking part in the economy, but on the other hand, they are the ones who design many new technologies. One must also consider new expensive technologies used to help transport the overweight people where they need to go, as well as the tremendous market for diet programs, health food supplements, and fitness programs. If it were not for the overweight people, America would not have all the food system laws that regulate the food industry and requiring nutrition labels. Not only that, but now there is a wide variety of food sources in the food industry than before. In addition one can go to a healthy restaurant and not have to go to the

grocery store for healthy food.


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