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Obesity and Climate Change: let's kill two birds with one stone

Updated on June 17, 2015

Climate change and obesity

Clim-o-besity: how to solutionize it with more exercise

Clim-o-besity, a concept I have literally just coined, can be "tackled" in easier ways than we think. Individually, Climate change and obesity represent threats to our society, which, for obvious reasons, are in need of resolving. Where excessive energy consumption is driving up world temperatures (or so climate change scientists say) meaning we could face huge natural disasters in the future, obesity is equally burdernsome as it's affecting fat people's health and costing the taxpayer a great deal of money.

Managing clim-o-besity with government intervention is always necessary to ensure that such a large-scale problem is beng dealth with properly. However, health policies aimed at reducing people's body weight, for example, and green policies aimed at decarbonizing the environment are not few and far between, YET the idea that both problems will simply pass away in the medium to long-term is hardly convincing. Just like everything in life, there are two ways of acting on a problem: collectively AND individually.

By doing more exercise, we can improve both our health and the environment. If you cycle rather than drive to work, go for a run rather than watch a film, walk instead of using public transport, you are helping yourself and helping your community. It is, to me, absurd that we should be using vital tax revenue to finance infrastructure designed for people who are obese. Nor do I think it's right that too much money is being pooled into renewable energy resources when we can clearly already solutionize the problem by reducing our energy consumption.

Meat is another key player and one that clearly binds both Obesity and Climate change together. Indeed, meat such as beef stems mainly from cows, which, as we already famously know, are massive contributors to CO2 emissions (by passing gas, cows expel huge quantities of CO2). At the same time, by incorporating meat in our daily food supplies, in excessive numbers, we are becoming fatter and less healthy. Reducing overall meat supplies will help discourage cow reproduction, which, in turn, will help the environment in lowering its levels of CO2 emissions.

It's time to think smart: we can, by taking responsibility and action, kill two birds with one stone. Individual responsiblity-taking will pepper down problems like obesity and climate change, as less consumption and more exercise will help us on a path of self- and collective development. LET's TAKE MATTERS IN OUR OWN HANDS or wait for governments to deal with the inevitable repairs.


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