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Updated on February 12, 2016

Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria

How Boko Haram Started As A Group In Nigeria

Boko Haram insurgency started a long time ago after the death of General Sani Abacha when Democracy came into existence in Nigeria. The meaning of Boko Haram is "Western education is forbidden" This was the guise they started with. Most speculations revealed that it was politically motivated by opposition parties to inflict pain and destabilise their counterpart administration in order to satisfy their glutonic political ambition.

Initially, it was just a small group agitating for an Islamic State in their region. They were protesting against western education and that sharia and other Islamic laws should be included in Nigeria's constitution.

However, the Federal Government under Olusegun Obasanjo didn't take it seriously as they were concerned with other pressing matters.

The group started gathering momentum in numbers as more and more people were added. The group came out with their first leader, Mohammed Yusuf and their agitation became a growing concern in the state. The Federal Government didn't take it then to be a national concern and so left it for the state to handle.

Late Umaru Ya'radua took over power from Olusegun Obasanjo and Goodluck Jonathan was his Vice. During this period, there was a battle between the military and other security forces and the Niger Delta militant over crude oil. The late President Yar’Adua called the leader of the militant group for a peaceful negotiation. Thereafter the amnesty program was initiated. At this point, the Boko Haram were unnoticed. I guess they were still planning and making strategies on their future operations. It was not a coincidence that after the militant dropped their arms and welcomed the new amnesty programme, the Boko Haram activities started.

A small group that started as a protester grew into a terror group. The whole saga started when the Vice President took over Power from the late President Yar’Adua who died in service. This didn't go down well with the Northern leaders for a south south to take over the hems of affairs of the country. So when the group started attacking churches and burning down structures, everyone thought they were asking for amnesty.

The Northern leaders came together to resolve the whole matter and told the Federal Government to grant the group Amnesty the same way as the Niger Delta Militant. President Goodluck agreed but said that the group must come up with some representative so as to negotiate on the Amnesty programme. He stated further that he cannot negotatiate with faceless group.

The group leader and founder, Mohammed Yusuf came out with a video stating that they don't need amnesty but rather the Federal Government needs their forgiveness. The Federal saw this as a declaration of war and a threat to national security. A group that started as a small civil protesters standing for what they believe became large group consisting of uneducated and misguided individuals invoking terror in their own motherland.

The group is said to have sponsors from high profile civil servants and military chiefs that are not satisfied with the leadership of the government. They support the group financially and in connections to execute their devilish agenda.

Activities of Boko Haram Insurgency since its creation

Boko Haram insurgency has grown so tall that they've extended their activities to other neighbouring countries like Cameroon, Niger Republic and other Western Africa nations.

During the past immediate President, the group took over territories in the north east of the country. Their flags were raised in those places they've captured and internally displacing local residents of their homes, killing mostly the men and kidnapping the children and women and either selling them for slavery or marrying them off over little stipends.

As the activities of the terror group increased, it became a national concern for everyone because these Boko Haram fighters have different ways and strategies for carrying out their operations. The most commonest is suicide bombing by targeting a highly and densely populated areas like motor parks and market places where they blew up themselves. The death toll is always very massive. They plant explosives in fruits and vegetables to be transported for sale in the marketplace, suicide bombing in churches and mosques. Yes when the mosques. That made us realised that these people are animals. They are nit human. They are not fighting for any religion but their lust for blood and recognition. They are only using Islam as a cover.

The Boko Haram depends on Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) for their operations.

The Boko Haram made international headline when they kidnapped over 200 school girls in Chibok, in North East Nigeria, killing the men and security operatives. The act attracted international communities from top celebrities to politicians ,Presidents, World Rulers and Prime Ministers.

In order to encourage this movement, a hashtag was created titled 'Bring Back Our Girls'. Th movement was supported in social media and interviews by top leaders and celebrities. The purpose of this #BringBackOurGirl is to remind the Federal Government of its duties and roles in ensuring the safe return of the girls and also to provide support and comfort for the parents and family of the girls.

The American government extended their support to this campaign by agreeing to provide intelligence to help the arm forces on the strategies and methods to ensure the return of the girls. But there hasn't been any leading news so far about the missing girls. Though some boko Haram's victims were rescued and some escaped from the insurgent camp, none of them were part of the Chibok girls abducted. Frantic efforts are still made to ensure the safe return of the girls. But it's being futile so far.

Before the 2015 election, the Federal Government were able to recapture some towns and cities from the insurgency. The insurgency had to migrate to the Sambisa forest when the heat became too much from the military.

Goodluck Jonathan administration raided the Sambisa forest killing several members of the dreaded Boko Haram members, rescuing some of the women and children.

These were the activities so far under Goodluck Jonathan’s administration. The military were able to capture the founder of the group, Mohammed Yusuf who was later killed and also Mohammed Shekau was reportedly killed during an air raid by the Nigerian Air force.

When Buhari took over power of leadership, he was able to quell the remaining part of the insurgency in Nigeria by reclaiming the remaining territories overtaken by the dreaded group. The US once again showed their support by providing armoured vehicles and equipments to aid the military in their fight against terrorism in Nigeria. Other neighbouring countries that has ties with Nigeria are immensely supporting the fight against terrorism in the country.

According to the President, the Boko Haram insurgency havery been weakened and they've been displaced without a home. They depend on soft target to show their relevance.They result to using women as suicide bombers to show to the government that they are still relevant in its war.

Late last year, Boko Haram swore allegiance to the Islamic States (ISIS). So they are getting all the support they need to continue with the war against the Federal Government.

Sometimes I wonder if the war is over as proclaimed by Mr. President or its just started..

It is important to know that Boko Haram activities are still going on. Lots of innocent lives have been taken and people have been displaced from their home. The United Nations is doing a good job in providing aids to those affected.


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