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Occupy Detroit-A celebration of political denial

Updated on October 23, 2011

The Occupy Wall Street movement has moved into Detroit.

When the Occupy Wall Street protests began in New York on September 17,2011, it was only a few weeks before a similar group called Occupy Detroit began to protest here in Detroit,Michigan. The Occupy Wall Street protests were supposed to be protests against corporate greed, but the main focus of the protests was the big banks on Wall Street. Here in Detroit, there are large neighborhoods where there aren't many banks at all. I live in the suburbs of Detroit, and I don't go into Detroit very often, but I was there a few weeks ago, and I was in a neighborhood on Detroit's east side and I can't remember seeing any banks there. There are small stores there that sell beer, and many of these beer stores have signs on the front that say: CHECK CASHING. If you live in a neighborhood like that, and if you are lucky enough to have a job, where do you cash your paycheck? You could go several miles into the suburbs, and cash your paycheck at a bank, or you could stay in your own neighborhood and cash your check in a beer store.

Why beer stores? Years ago, in the 1960's, there were banks in Detroit, but the banks were robbed so many times that they were closed. This created huge areas of the city that were devoid of banks. Since there were no banks, beer stores tried to fill in the gap. Beer stores began to function as a substitute for the banks that were no longer present in the community. During a brief trip through the east side of Detroit, about three weeks ago, I saw about a dozen stores that had a 'CHECK CASHING' sign on them. It's evidence that the Wall Street banks have abandoned Detroit.

The Occupy Wall Street protests are not doing the job of educating people about our economic problems. They are not telling the public about economic alternatives. One thing they should be doing is telling the public about credit unions. If everyone took their money out of their bank, and put their money in a credit union, the banks would close overnight! I'm not just saying that ordinary people should take their money out of the Wall Street banks, and put the money in credit unions, the big corporations should do it, too! Companies like General Motors and the Ford Motor Company have always earned money manufacturing cars and trucks, but they have always put the money they earned into Wall Street banks. It's a mistake to put one more dollar into a Wall Street bank! If the leaders of General Motors were smart, they would take all their money out of the the company's Wall Street bank accounts and put it into local banks here in Detroit. Wall Street is not investing in Detroit, so Detroit should not be investing in Wall Street.

One of the problems with the Occupy Wall Street movement is their denial of politics. Their movement has the appearance and character of a political movement, but where is the political action? The Occupy Wall Street protests have become a celebration of political denial, they have become nothing more than a non-political publicity stunt. The lack of political action can be easily explained. There is a little-known section in the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) tax code, it is called section 501. Section 501 is basically a section of the code that refers to rules and regulations for non-profit organizations. If your group is classified as a non-profit organization, you are exempt from taxes. That means that people can donate money to your group, and you don't have to pay taxes on that money when you receive it. You get to keep every penny of it, you do not have to pay any taxes on it. This is what Occupy Wall Street did.

Occupy Wall Street is involved with an organization called Alliance for Global Justice. The Alliance for Global Justice has a section 501 tax exemption, so they can receive money (tax-free) and then funnel the money into the Occupy Wall Street groups. Section 501 does not allow you to engage in political campaigns, or to disseminate political propaganda. If the Occupy Wall Street protesters engaged in a political campaign, they would lose their tax-exempt status. That is why they have practiced political denial, instead of political action. What promised to be a revolution against corporate greed has turned out to be just another tax scam. The Occupy Detroit group that is active here in Detroit did not even circulate a petition to remove Rick Snyder from office, although Snyder is so unpopular that anyone circulating an anti-Snyder petition could probably gather thousands of signatures, in only a few days! The Occupy Wall Street protests are non-political, by design. The protests are designed to attract attention, and to encourage people to donate money. The organizers of the protests are raking in the cash, they are wallowing in tax-free money, while the movement itself accomplishes nothing. It has become one of the biggest frauds in the country's history.

If you read the regulations for the section 501 tax exemption, you will see that tax-exempt organizations are not allowed to engage in political propaganda or to support political campaigns. If they do, they lose their tax exemption. So how would you define 'propaganda'? Propaganda is a one-sided view. For example, in Nazi propaganda, only the Nazi's side of the story is told, the Jews side of the story is never told. That's the classic definition of propaganda! So, what would you think of a group that claims that they represent ninety-nine percent of the people in this country? It's pure propaganda! If the IRS was smart, they would take away the tax exemption from Occupy Wall Street, because Occupy Wall Street is engaging in political propaganda every time they claim that they represent 99% of the country.


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