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Occupy Wall Street phase 2

Updated on April 25, 2012

Occupy Wall Street

The occupy Wall Street protests started with 9 protestors in New York on Wall St in August 2011. It is now April 2012 and the protests are still going on, but have spread globally due to worldwide corruption. The protests were initiated for number of reasons, but the main reason why was because of the greed and corruption on Wall Street. The protesters started the protests were not expecting the movement to grow like it did, but it was good thing that it did because it made a lot of people aware of what is going on and now the protest is becoming more of a movement that wants to address a number of concerns.

The occupy wall movement is probably the biggest protest in the history of mankind and has stirred up some violence in the process that was almost always initiated by the police. Numerous incidents have occurred where non-violent people have been shot with rubber bullets and pepper sprayed. Banks were also donating money to the New York City police department while the protests were going on in order to ensure that the police acted in their favor. This draws even more attention to the matters at hand, making it even harder to ignore what is going on in the world. Our police force is being bought.

The protests began with protesting corporate power, but later on police brutality was being protested due to a number of violence acts committed by police all over the world that were directed toward the protesters. Excessive use of force was common during the protests, but it only fueled the fire of the protestors. It has been over seven months since the protest began and the problems have only seemed to have escalated.

Now the main agenda of the occupiers is to change the way that bills are passed. The solution is still being debated, but the main focus is to diminish corporation’s ability to infiltrate our government and manipulate it to their advantage through lobbying.

The protestors are going after the big fish first because they feel as though they don’t have a voice when it comes to passing bills. The system is set up so that only people who can afford lobbyists can have a say in what becomes law. The occupiers seek to change this first so that they can win other important battles later on in a fair way.

The next step is to the address the unconstitutional actions that have been taken with the newly acquired, fair, bill passing system. Bills like SOPA and the NDAA are deemed unconstitutional by many of the protestors, but these are only a few of the problems that they want to address.

The crazy thing is that there are thousands of empty houses yet still we have thousands of homeless people. Something is terribly wrong and this really paints the picture very clearly. Loans have been given to people that are not able to payback, allowing the loaners to repossess the property in almost a theft-like operation. Banks are getting filthy rich at the expense of the working class. Debt is now the norm and people who are in large amounts of debt are deprived of financial mobility and also much of their freedom.

The gripes with the protestors range from marijuana legality to women’s freedom to be topless, but it all leads back to central fact that if you can’t afford a lobbyist then your opinion is marginalized. The main message is that things are messed and we have no voice in the matters that affect everyone.
My suggestion to fixing this problem is to do away with congress altogether and replace it with an online website that allows everyone over the age of 18 to vote for whatever bills that want to. A phone app should also be made available. The site would allow people to sign in with their social security numbers and a password. Once signed in the user will be able to review passed bills, current bills, and future bills. The site would also allow users to upload newly proposed bills of their choice to be voted on. The votes for the bill would have to be significantly high with respect to those who voted against the bill in order for the bill to pass. This would eliminate the possibility of bribery and it would also level the playing field when comes to getting bills passed.

The internet can be very easily accessed in America and could be the cure for the current problem with our congress. The internet is available to almost everyone in America via your local library, so everyone should have a chance to vote on proposed bills that concern them without having to worry if congress will actually represent the people in their decision making. Cell phones are quickly evolving allowing many people to go online at any time, making this idea even more plausible.

If this idea was to be implemented then a new threat could emerge through hacking, but software protection can protect servers from such attacks. I do not think that this should deter us from implementing this idea; however, I do think that drastic measures should be taken in order to ensure that unfair manipulation of the system does not happen.

By looking at society today I see what Marx meant about the alienation from source of production and almost everybody is alienated from producing their own necessities. This is a major source of the problem. People this day and age rely too heavily on the market for their goods that are absolutely essential for life and I think that it is this type of dependency that has led us to this point, but I have noticed a shift in this behavior from a few that could change everything.

People are now beginning to produce their own necessities with a certain type of house called an earth ship. These houses are affordable, made from unprocessed/ recycled materials, and provide water, electricity, and food to the resident without any pipes or wires leading to or from the house. So the house is completely self-sustainable, allowing the residents to have peace of mind and individual sovereignty. These houses are heated and cooled passively without the use of electricity. This is done simply by window placement and allowing the sun light to warm a thermal mass. Cooling is achieved by simply opening vents in the ceiling, releasing the warm are outside. The food is grown in an indoor green house that allows for even tropical plants to be grown year round for food. The plants are also nourished by a small indoor tilapia pond that can also be fished as a source of meat. The water or the house is collected rain water that is filtered then it goes through a certain order of operation in order to ensure that water is used efficiently. The water first runs out of the faucets and down the drain to where it is filtered and then waters the indoor greenhouse. After that it is filtered again and then it is used to flush the toilet, using only 14% of what the average household would use. I think that if these ideas were adopted by everyone in their home that it would make an enormous difference economically and environmentally while also decreasing the size of industry and its negative impact on the environment.

People are just now becoming aware of things like this that they can do to reduce their dependence on companies that are not always involved in the most ethical of practices. The problem right now is that many people are losing their houses and think it is a good thing because people can now go to an Earthship Academy and learn how to build an earthship with all of the amenities that allow you to live independent from the marketplace. After you have received the training you will qualify to serve in the earth ship army as a builder and this is a paid position. Then after serving 3 years in the earthship army you will receive your own house built for you by the earthship army for your commitment and dedication.

Programs like the earthship academy are allowing people not only to have a home that cannot afford one, but it also gives them a sense of freedom because of what all it can do. I believe that making this change on a global scale can really diminish the pains of economic inequality. Once the house is built for you there is no mortgage, water bill, food bill, or electric bill and if the owner bought an electric car then they would not have to pay for its fuel or oil changes. To me this is the real way to occupy Wall St.

It is important for ideas like the earthship to spread and that is why it is important for the internet to remain free and open platform. The internet is our best way to learn about and combat what is going on in the world and it too is under attack. Bills like SOPA and PIPA are attempts by the entertainment industry to regulate the internet in order to create more profits for themselves. That is why the main agenda of the occupiers is to get a fair bill passing system in place that allows everyone’s voice to be heard. Once that is established they will then be able to go after other issues that threaten their freedom and liberties.

The first step to fighting the corruption is education and almost all of the information that people get about the corrupt behavior among the rich is directly from the internet. The people that are committing these immoral acts are aware of the power of the internet and wish to strip it from us in order to continue promoting themselves.

To me it seems that the occupiers are from many different backgrounds and beliefs, but they are all united under one umbrella of marginalized voices. I believe that once the new bill passing system has been established that the occupiers will break into smaller groups and go after specific problems that they feel strongly about. There is an order of operations and the first step is establishing a more democratic bill passing system that allows everyone’s voice to be heard and not just the rich. Once the system is deemed fair then other issues can be addressed, but the first step is making the game fair. The next step is playing the game.

The occupiers are still coming up with the new bill passing system, but nothing has been set in stone yet. All that has been said is that the new system should equal one man one vote and not one dollar one vote. That was stated by an occupier named Jesse Legrecca on RT news. He is a brilliantly spoken occupier that has appeared on other news stations as well. Even though there is no leader to the occupy protests he is one of the few that are stepping forward and making it a point to speak out about the issues that seem to be the most common among the protesters as a whole.

During his interviews he is quick to point out the lobbying process and says that it needs to be changed. It is this process that has allowed things to get this bad. The working classes voices haven’t been heard in so long that there are numerous bills that have been passed just to further oppress them. These bills cannot be reversed until we have a fair system in place for passing bills.

The verdict remains yet to be seen on these matters, but the battle continues. If we fail at establishing a new fair bill passing system then we are powerless in the struggle to reclaim our freedoms and liberty. It is because of economic inequality that our voices our unequal politically. Once all of our voices are equally heard then we will begin to see the true will of the people and not just the super-rich 1%.

The infamous meme “We are the 99%” has been the slogan of the movement that really shows the root of the problem. 99% of America is being ignored politically and it is now time that people listen. Justice needs to be served and if the bill passing system is change to equally adhere to everyone’s voice then it will. If we don’t change the way that bills are passed to a fair system then I fear a new type of dictatorship run by big business.


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    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 

      6 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Excellent Hub, Paul. The Occupy Wall Street Movement is a key to changing our country and making Wall Street and Corporate America answerable to the other 99% and most important part of this country. I hope they are able to re-energize themselves this Spring and Summer. This nation sorely needs them.


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