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Octuplets Mom, US immigration & Jade Goody

Updated on February 23, 2009


Regarding the woman who gave birth in California to eight babies via implanted eggs and fertilized, most are rather angry about this. She already has six children by the same method, she lives with her parents which are now in foreclosure with their home, the mother does not work and receives welfare from the State, and it will be over a million dollars in hospital bills by the time the eight babies are released to their mom, which we, the tax payer via taxes to welfare, will all pay. Is the doctor liable for anything? Should his medical license be taken? Some think so, for he was used before and he new all of the data regarding the woman. Why should the taxpayer pay for her 14 kids? This will come to pass because she is not working. Some feel there should be a limit regarding egg implants and many doctors agree. It is being socially responsible. When do the private actions of a person become the business of the public as a whole? The woman, once the truth came out, is now receiving threats and not donations through her website. As her mom stated, she will have a very hard life.


This is a hot topic with US states that border Mexico. The reality is the policy of the US that has caused this problem with too many illegal aliens. What happens is that anyone born in the US is automatically an US citizen. So, many aliens from other countries come here just to do that. Once they have a child here, even if the parents and other siblings are not US citizens, have more of a right to stay than before the birth occurred. The newborn citizen suddenly opens the welfare door for many immigrants into the State economy and can get the benefits now. Multiply this single event by millions and you can see how burdened and broke the State systems quickly become. Add to this, the millions that are smuggled in. When an illlegal resident goes to the hospital or emergency room, they must be seen, you cannot turn them away because they are not a citizen. There is now discussion about changing the clause in the US Constitution to elminate the "citizen at birth" if on US soil. While this would help, it is already a little late for the border states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas.


Who is she? She is a dying 27 yr. old woman now famous because of British reality TV. Exactly what is the UK's fascination with this woman slowly dying of cervical cancer, which has spread?

From across the Atlantic pond, few Americans even know about it. I surely did not. But, there is a sort of morbid fascination that British reality TV has regarding her. The TV show is a smash hit and has been for sometime, as the UK population watches the sad end of a young human being. They get to watch her deteroriate week to week, hear her sadly talk about her life, this past weekend they watched her get married. She became a loud mouthed celebrity in 2002 on the Big Brother show and living the life. But, in Auguist 2008, they found cancer. Soon, it spread to other parts and in early 2009, doctors told her she was terminal. Her husband is an ex-convict and served time for attacking a boy. She has written a few books about her life.

The media is putting the best spin on why they are covering this event that someday we all face-death. Reasons vary from "she is bringing the issue to the public", "it is a tragic story of life", "it is news" etc. Maybe it is because most of those that watch this event unfold are watching because they are glad it is not them. Would someone watch this, if they themselves, were also dying of cancer? Misery loves company, right? I really doubt it. For the media, the only reason why it is being covering is because of ratings and the fear that if they do not, a competitor will.

I am not saying the coverage is wrong, it is just odd that the fascination in the UK is only there. Watching a loved one or even a stranger die is such a moving, personal, humbling event. Why would one want to watch it unfold on TV? It will come soon enough for all of us.

Jade in better times
Jade in better times
Jade with cancer
Jade with cancer


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