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Off the Rails

Updated on January 27, 2019

Bug is in the Kitchen

Good Morning, Breakfastpoppers. Today is Sunday, January 27, 2019. Our friend, Bug, is at the stove preparing a Tomato and Onion Scramble for breakfast. I am preparing dozens of Bloody Marys to kick off the meal. Bug is bugged, and that's putting it mildly. It seems that a day doesn't go by without someone insulting President Trump, his supporters, Christians, Jews, conservatives, Republicans, Fox News, our past, our present and our future. Despite the fact that President Trump is doing an excellent job, the wheels are off the bus. Please join us for breakfast this morning. I usually leave the door open, but there are way too many strange and angry people wandering around to depend upon the good will of man. Just knock twice.


New York Throws Babies Under the Bus

Thank you all for joining Pop and me for breakfast this Sunday morning. New York State has passed a law that should send shock waves throughout the nation. The law that was passed legalizes abortion after a full nine months of pregnancy. As if that isn't horrible enough they topped off their insanity by celebrating the passage. Governor Cuomo had the Freedom Tower bathed in pink to mark this sickening occasion. Something intensely hideous has come over the left in this nation, and left unchecked they will drag us all down forever. This should not be a moment for celebration. It is, instead, a profound moment of insanity and barbarism.


CNN Congratulates Itself

In an idiotic moment of hypocrisy former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper was given a position on CNN as a commentator despite lying to congress. On the other hand Roger Stone was indicted for lying to Congress and the FBI. Congress and the FBi lie to us and each other, but there are no indictments. CNN patted itself on the back, declaring that Stone's arrest was a result of their excellent journalistic skills. Mueller is at it again. He planned a massive, over the top raid on Stone's home before finally arresting him. Another life has been claimed by Mueller at taxpayer expense. He'll break Stone financially and mentally in order to get closer to the president. I wonder, how many people have to suffer before Mueller is stopped? The left is licking its collective lips at the thought of impeachment. The rest of us are sick to our stomachs.


The Death of a Nation

The Democrats are now the party of the radical left. Socialists are welcome, communists get a pass and fascists are enjoying a new popularity. There have always been people in Congress who trash American values, but things are at a tipping point now. When it is okay to fawn over the misinformed and misguided Ocasio-Cortez, it is time to press the re-set button. The clueless and uninspired millennials fell in love with the Socialist Bernie Sanders because he offered them free stuff. Cortez has now given them people to hate. They are being encouraged to go after those in society that are tremendously successful; She proposes taking away their earnings, because no one should have that much money. She has gained an audience. That is the saddest story of all. It is not surprising when inept people get elected to Congress, because they are elected by inept voters. When others, not known for being so extreme, extol the virtues of people like Cortez it is a tragedy. When someone like Elizabeth Warren plans to run for president and doesn't get laughed out of the public eye, it is time to worry. Any Democrat who can tolerate her nonsense and the idiocy of Cortez, Sanders, Waters, Harris, Beto, Pelosi, Schumer, Booker and so many others ought to take a good hard look in the mirror. If they don't see a reflection, then they just may be creatures of the night and not of this world.


Just Say No

In this bugs opinion, it is time to say "NO." We have to stand up and condemn the recent attack on the Pence's for practicing their religion. We have to stand up to the Cuomo's of this nation for condoning murder of the born. We have to reject the stupidity of people like Sanders and Cortez for making Socialism sexy. Socialism s a synonym for failure. We have to reject the rantings of the media. They lie, distort and conceal the truth. We have to demand that Congress start working. If there is another government shut-down not a single person in Congress should get a paycheck. We have to stop people like Pelosi from looting the people's money by flying all over the country with her family. We are paying for it, and we should demand it stops. Congress wastes tons of money on needless and phony trips, and that needs to stop as well. There is plenty of money to fund this wall. We need a barrier, and waiting is not an option. President Trump is up to the task, but he really can't go it alone. If Congress won't help him, maybe we can.

Bug's Song

To Congress:

Do something

I'm giving up on you...


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