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Oh, If I had Just One Magic Pill

Updated on March 11, 2016

This is Kurt Russell

he is an accomplished actor. From a young boy until today, acting is all Russell has ever done and he is one of the best. In my humble opinion, his best performance was that of Wyatt Earp in the hit film, "Tombstone." His character, Wyatt Earp, was pretty much like Russell in real life. Both took no crap from anyone. And never apologized for how they stood on any given issue or topic.

I have had enough

There just has to be "a" pill. This situation is very serious. As you travel through my essay that was conceived late last night and birthed today, you might just find yourself seeking such a pill. Stranger, more-chaotic things have happened.

Before I begin, allow me to stop you from jumping on this "super pill" idea as if you were living in a wolf pack, but not with Kevin Costner. This pill, first of all, will not (underscore 'not') allow you to: Interact with Bradley Cooper as in the CBS show, "Limitless." Even if I had a warehouse of these pills I would not like to meet Cooper, except to show him that "I" am as good as he is.

Things that this pill will not do

This pill will not allow you to sing like Gracie Slick (ex-band member of Jefferson Airplane/Starship), or meet her in a hallucinogenic state of mind because "this" pill is not an illegal drug smuggled into the country bearded men with names such as: "Nemo," "Duck," and "Smoke." Note: No offense toward men or women with beards. Hey, I wear a moderate beard and I am okay with my statement.

(This segment continued below photo below).

"This" pill would allow me (at times), to just be alone with my thoughts.
"This" pill would allow me (at times), to just be alone with my thoughts. | Source

This pill will not, at any time, permit you to enter and win any upscale body-building contest and win. So please get those childish ideas out of your mind such as:

  • Thinking that "this" new pill would make you instantly-popular with the ladies.
  • Magically allowing you to be hired at any high-end business of your choosing.
  • Never having to deal with issues of real life.

This video shows you how that "I" would have like to live

Let's focus on "who" this pill is for

Besides, "I" am the one who wants "this" pill, remember? Not you. Most of you do not need the pill of which I speak now in volumes. I started to publish a moderate-length hub, but I am weak.

So weak because I do not have my own live radio talk show. Now you know my weakness.
To be ever so prudent, you can also put a stop to those "Clark Kent -- Superman," thoughts that could occur if you were to start using "this" pill. My view is: The world does not need another "Superman." What we do need are the men in our world learn to be "super-respectul," to their wives, children and communities and other men who have made such a foolish choice in not taking responsibiilty for helping to raise the child that they helped to bring into our world to "put on the Superman" cape and take care of their business.


The photo above

of the rock climber, represents me as well a lot of you who have and are still climbing "the mountains" of life each day that comes. Does it get frustrating? Does King Kong love the Air Force?

Costs, manufacturing of this pill

This pill that I am sure can be manufactured by some pharmaceutical firm in Europe or even Korea, I can tell you is not for everyone. The reason is simple. Not everyone in our human race is like me and that, my friends, is a blessing none of you give God the thanks that He deserves for planning it this way.

But, just on the outside chance that there might be by some measure of astronomical odds, someone who is like me or even knows what I am talking about, then you and I can partake of this pill liberally because it will not do anyone (including ourselves) any harm. This pill is not habit-forming, has no dangerous side-affects, and could be very afforeable "if" someone sharp-thinking pharmaceutical employee would simply draw-up an idea of "this" pill, show it to their research department, and after a very brief testing period, the F.D.A. could stamp it with their approval and people like me and others like me would have our lives changed for the good in a drastic way.

Although I do not look it, since my bout with congestive heart failure in Nov. 2015, I have lost 102 pounds.
Although I do not look it, since my bout with congestive heart failure in Nov. 2015, I have lost 102 pounds. | Source

This pill: a breath of fresh air

Everyone who has to take prescription meds in America today knows full-well how ultra-expensive that medications have become, so with the pill I am lecturing about here, keeping down expenses is key. Novel moves like: An odorless, tasteless, innocent-looking pill white or mauve in color, that takes a small group of workers in a small warehouse with used-but-reliable machinery to manufacture would definitely bring the costs down to where average people could afford it.

To further ensure that the costs of manufacturing this pill would be minimal, no elaborate television advertising during prime or any other time. The only advertising outlet the company would have would be two people (to start with), going door-to-door, and giving samples of the pill. That's right. Giving. The best products I know of were never forced upon us to buy. We had a choice to buy or not to buy. That is the basic principle of doing business in an interactionary way.

In my "new" way of living, my closest pal would be a horse named, "Walter."
In my "new" way of living, my closest pal would be a horse named, "Walter." | Source
Leon Redbone
Leon Redbone | Source
Jerry Reed
Jerry Reed | Source
Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison | Source
George Washington Carver
George Washington Carver | Source

What "this" pill WOULD do is:

Give people like myself . . .

  • a good level of confidence when it came to doing things like playing the guitar like Eric Clapton, Jerry Reed, and Leon Redbone.
  • an ample supply of self-respect when it came to associating with people I spoke about in a previous hub "The Smug Six." If I had been given access to a pill that has made this story possible and it were available in the days of my beleaguered grade school and high school days, I would be a more-successful man, a more outgoing man who thrives on adventures and a man who could sing like Frank Sinatra and pick the guitar like those which legends are born and I have already named them in the above paragraph.
  • a great resource of grit that would enable me to not be tramped and spit on over the course of my younger years. This would mean a lot to me. Would it you if you were like me?
  • due respect when my wife and I are standing patiently in line at a nice restaurant and then an elite couple walks ahead of us and right to their table without as much as an "excuse me."
  • the pleasure of laying my head on my pillow at night knowing that no one has or ever will crap on me or my family and walk away grinning like an Alabama jackass who had stolen some corn.
  • the peace of also knowing that I and any member of my family are not subjects of whispers in certain circles where we live. Whispers like "Oh, that Kenneth and his folks can be conned into doing this tough job-for they are oh so gullible, you know." That kind of talk would be a part of ancient history.

But until "this" pill is produced, I will wait. And mix in some dreaming too.

Dreams and waiting are two powerful tools. Just think, if people such as Henry Ford, Thomas Alva Edison, and George Washington Carver had not dreamed or waited, our world would be in worse shape than it is now.


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    • kenneth avery profile image

      Kenneth Avery 20 months ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      No, tirelesstraveler,

      This life-changing pill will come in various delicious flavors--strawberry, peach, and bubble gum, to start with.

      If it is a "hit" with below-average people (like me), then more flavors will be added.

      Thank you for commenting. Sometimes I do not tell my followers just how MUCH I love and appreciate them.

      You included.


    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 20 months ago from California

      Will it taste bad? I had to take an antibiotic last month that was two inches long and tasted bad when you held it between your fingers before you started to swallow it.

    • profile image

      Kenneth Avery 20 months ago

      Ahhh, two customers already!

      Thanks, grand old lady (who is not old), for your nice comment.

      If there "were" such a pill, there might be a more peaceful, utopic

      world. What do you think?


    • profile image

      Kenneth Avery 20 months ago

      Hi, Jodah,

      I will surely do that for you and I thank you for the comment. I was just mixing dreaming with some sad reflecting on my life in past years.

      Have yourself a peaceful evening.


    • grand old lady profile image

      Mona Sabalones Gonzalez 20 months ago from Philippines

      Interesting pill, Kenneth. Let me know when you start marketi)ng it:).

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 20 months ago from Queensland Australia

      Sounds like a good much needed pill to me Kenneth. Let me know when they are produced and go on the market.