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Oh dear Obama got it wrong twice

Updated on November 12, 2016
Failed leader Obama on Trump and Brexit
Failed leader Obama on Trump and Brexit | Source
Double act Obama and Cameron
Double act Obama and Cameron | Source
Trump impersonator
Trump impersonator | Source
Failed candidate Hillary
Failed candidate Hillary | Source
Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage | Source

Oh dear what will be Obama's legacy, will it be Obamacare which it seems if Trump can be believed is going to be kept largely in tact or will it be the first Black President (mixed - race actually but Obama like many mixed - race people seems to be in denial about his white side) or the fact he had to go back into the Middle East when he said he would end or scale back the USA's involvement in the Middle East. Or will it be his absolute failure to convince British voters to vote for staying in the EU when he came to his buddies aid David Cameron or will it be his backing of past colleague Hillary which resulted in a thumping Trump victory.

Lets face it there were always going to be those who never liked having a mixed - race President in the Oval Office for eight years and be honest people there were people out there who thought like this. Than there were those who hated his Muslim heritage though by faith Obama defines himself as a Christian so on those two fronts Obama was on to a loser right away with some. Then there were probably Black voters who thought he may have acted to European - American (whatever that is) and others of whatever ethnic background thought him to socialist because of his Obamacare and maybe he was but you cannot say he was not interventionist.

He did not go in for massive invasions and fanfare like Bush did but he was more interventionist clandestinely like using drones, special forces, sending troops in but leaving the fighting mainly to local forces though perhaps under American guidance and of course he took out (conspiracy theorists would suggest otherwise) Osama which did not stop AQ but took out the man blamed for 9/11 and countless other attacks.

His main involvement has been fighting IS in the twilight of his Presidency and he leaves a more racially divided America which he was supposed to do something about.

Am I writing the political obituary of Barack Obama maybe I am or maybe I am not but any way two other things need pointing out before the I leave the subject.

One how Obama came to David Cameron's aid in the 11th hour when the Remain campaign was not going well and Obama said with Cameron at his side (Who he calls "Bro") to the media the UK should vote to remain in the EU and if left the EU the UK would be in the back of the queue for trade with America. This put the nail in the coffin of the already struggling Remain campaign and the UK England and Wales in particular voted out which was the downfall of David Cameron and the coming to power of Theresa May.

Then Trump coming to power when Obama backed Hillary all the way as he would do being a fellow Democrat and old colleague plus he saw in Hillary a way to keep his legacy alive if she would win the Presidential election.

However as we know Hillary did not win and Trump is now President - Elect like it or hate it which shows Obama may be a great orator but he is not the influential man he thought he was both with the British and American electorate with regards Brexit and Trump.

Laurel and Hardy.
Laurel and Hardy. | Source

Laurel and Hardy mark II

With Cameron no longer Prime Minister and Obama in January leaving the Oval Office I was thinking what fun it would be to have them as a comedy double act doing live appearances in stand up or with their own show and making movies. Perhaps in a slapstick genre like Laurel and Hardy or perhaps in the guise of comedy movies like 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure' or perhaps in Barack and David's case 'Barack and David's Bogus Adventure' and the plot could be the following.

How both of them convinced the hapless American and British public they were the best thing since sliced bread politically and how in the end both of them had their downfall. Cameron with Brexit and Obama not getting his protege Hillary into power. Perhaps a little like 'Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" starring Michael Caine and Steve Martin and the things they got up to.

The story could end with them driving off into the sunset with Sam and Michelle at their sides not caring they are not in power any more making money from after dinner speeches, sponsorships or failed Mid East peace envoy jobs like Tony Blair.


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