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Oil Spill – the deep waters nightmare!

Updated on May 30, 2010

I like to write fiction stories, and if this one is not just one of them, then consider it like a new conspiracy theory.

Have to admit, the nightmares are never beautiful! They could be beautiful only in a night show program but not in the reality. They exist in the world of the night dreams and then continue to remind about themselves in our memories and thought.

The President Obama said the Oil Spill in Gulf of Mexico is in his thoughts every night before bed. Is that a deep waters nightmare and where from it comes?

The environmental disaster like a terrorist’s plot is not a new idea; it was described in famous bestsellers, but what happens when that stuff became reality?

Figure out:

Accident – Environmental Disaster – Damages – State of Fear – Bitter Anger - Political Instability

It is an issue that could stay on one of the first places on the agenda of the evil terrorists. Why not? It is easy to plan and prepare, not too expensive, and most important, the evidence that could prove a terrorists act are very well concealed and almost impossible to be found.

What happened with a BP drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20th, 2010, theoretically?

Some words and facts could give interesting links. Look at the story at that point view:

Black Gold - another name of the Oil – it is a main sours for business of the richest Muslim countries. Oil is not a foreign word for the Muslim terrorists; some of their funding comes from the oil business. Not only the Oil is an important thing on their mind, they know how works a deep waters drilling rig – managing, organization, security, technology, staff.

Deep Waters Political Allies – common enemies create new allies – may I remind March 26th, 2010 when North Korean submarine´s torpedo sank a South Korean navy ship? North Korea is in political and economical isolation, there is a mass poverty in the country and North Korea threatens South with war over 'fabricated' report about the ship sinking. The government would accept any funding from Muslim terrorists and would act in their favor.

Well done guys, good idea, why not… just another round! If you can sink a navy ship, then it would be a kid’s play for you to blast a peaceful working oil drilling rig in the back yard of America only a month later. You would say, “We are innocent while the opposite is not proven”. Yes, true, but do you believe that some day there will be a justice that you really deserve?!

Misleading the intelligence agencies and investigations – I am really sorry to hear that the American President admitted that His administration was not prepared for the oil disaster. That means, nobody did not suppose that it would be a terrorist act either. This is true. The intelligence agencies were misleading by the NYC unsuccessful bomb plot, while that one worked.

This technique is not new, it is widely used by the drug trafficking dealers (a branch of Muslim terrorists organizations, as well). They give to the police a cheap smoked flesh while pass the big quantities at the same time. The NYC car-bomb was not planned to explode, it was done only on purpose, to make fears and to lead the investigations in wrong direction. 

Who can prove that the terrorists were behind the blast of the BP drilling rig in Gulf of Mexico? There were last six hours of missing, not sent to the mainland tracks. That would be enough time to approach the drilling rig and to do the evil act. An American administration may not have the equipment and technology to stop the oil spill, but I hope they could make an effort for more deep investigations what exactly occurred near the oil drilling rig in these last six hours.

There is no place for enraging and heartbreaking stories when we all have to pray for those who fight the uncontrolled gusher feeding, the worst oil spill in U.S. history.


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    • hanskrafter profile image


      8 years ago from United Kingdom

      Very informative and intelligently written article! Thank you Nina for revealing to us this story.

      Best wishes,



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