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Okay... Here BE the Deal by Merwin

Updated on February 25, 2012

The Old Joke Goes... "How can you tell when a politician is lying..? When their mouth is moving."

Their are a few exceptions to this old joke, but mostly, it is spot on.

Man, I liked Obama... so much so, that I nearly crossed over (from Rep > Dem) to vote for him. I mean he appeared to be somewhat removed from "The Machine", he promised radical change, and he was very (electable) charismatic. I liked him.

I came close to voting for him... meaning, I thought about it.

Why did I not vote for him..? ...good question.

Here was a man making promises of change, these promises were very much like Xmas gifts of hope. Gifts... wrapped in the enthusiasm of his followers, presented with ribbons and bows of "Yes We Can!" If you held this gift in your hand it had some heft, suggesting something of substance inside, which were (among other things) the promises he made to end our wars and bring our men and women home.

I could not bring myself to be part of electing him, mostly because the gift wrapping always ends up in the trash and the ribbons and bows are (in poor homes) saved for another presentation.

If what is inside, is of real heartfelt value, the gift itself far outweighs promise of its wrapping.

I took a wait and see approach, and again placed my "write in" vote for Alan Keyes. Why Keyes..? He is a man that is DEFINITELY outside "The Machine", who was/is intellectually sound in his approach to the Constitution. And he was running on a platform that was well defined and his promises were specific. Mostly... it was obvious he was a Washington "outsider", not playing the Beltway game of promising anything to get elected. It almost seemed that he knew he could not get elected as a Black Man who is also a fiscal conservative.

Some might say I "wasted" my vote. I say... one cannot waste their vote, if they vote their conscience.

It was not too long after Obama's inauguration, that I was calling for Obama's impeachment. If pressed I can look through my Hubs and locate the reason back then, for why I was doing so. The whys and wherefores of why I cannot remember now... for why back then is long gone, Obama's crimes now are much worse.

Oooh wait! I remember... it was over the Mexican (for the lack of a better description) citizenry's invasion of Arizona, and how this POTUS was not only not protecting our border, he was not allowing Arizona to protect it themselves..!

But, back to the gift.

It is not until after the gift is opened, the wrapping (public enthusiasm) is in the trash, Mama and Papa (Dems and GOP's) have picked all the ribbons and bows (chants of yes we can) and put them away for the next time, do we see the truth of it, if ever.

The Beltway Machine, is Mama and Papa. And the lump of coal of empty promises, thrown inside the Xmas gift to represent substance, was brought to us by The Machine's newest Golden Child, Santa Obama.

Now we have another Xmas coming.
(I say X instead of Christ on purpose, for what are, otherwise obvious reasons)

And, my oh my... look at all pretty packages Mummy and Dadda has put under the tree.

Most of what we have before us now, is Pappa's promises of change, Mama seems to be resting on last Xmas' offering. But if you pick up any of the packages and give them a shake you can hear the sounds of sabers being rattled at Iran, and the sound of the war machine (The Machine) cash register's "cha-ching".

But what's this one package..? It's in a plain brown box not very pleasant to look at compared to the others. That has writing on the outside that starts with very big letters, "We The People..."

This gift has been around for a little over two hundred years... mostly ignored, sometimes even kicked around, seldom if ever, respected. There is someone who keeps bringing it to this recurring celebration. He brings it every time, and has done so every time he is invited to the festivities.

He says... (clearly) what is inside is peace, prosperity, and liberty. And, "what is written on the outside is the same as what is on the inside." He also declares what he will do, in detailed specifics, under the requirements of this very precious gift.

He has all types of beautiful wrapping (the enthusiasm of his followers) that he does not put around the package, but, oddly... never much in the way of ribbons and bows (Mama and Pappa's hype).

Instead he states that although the wrapping is very important, what is more important is in plain sight.

EVERYONE (even his opponents)... declares that Ron Paul is an honest man.

We can believe that he will deliver on his promises.


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    • barbergirl28 profile image

      Stacy Harris 5 years ago from Hemet, Ca

      Well done. I am not one to really voice my opinion on politics... but I think you have a great hub written here! :)

    • CoauthorU profile image

      CoauthorU 5 years ago from Inland Northwest, USA

      2 American Romance...

      Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting.

      I too strongly support Israel. Below is a link to Molotov Mitchell's "For the Record" it is a 4 minute video that says it quicker than I can... (you may have to copy and paste the link)

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 5 years ago from America

      I see many hubs promoting Ron Paul............I do not understand how any American can listen to Iran speak on the airways of destroying Israel and America and then think for one tiny second they would like to have Ron Paul for president! My president needs to be tough as nails! He needs to have an inner desire to keep a strong military in these trying times around the world!

      Jefferson said we support our allies and KILL our enemies!.............otherwise they will kill us!......I for one am not ready to die!