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Oklahoma #1 In Police Shootings!!

Updated on July 17, 2015

I was stunned to realize that Oklahoma is the number one State in the Union for Police Shootings!

This News as reported in a study report by the Washington Post on June 30, 2015. Oklahoma has double the shootings of every other State--Something needs to change; police training, support, and the way our State deals with drugs in our society. We also top the nation for overuse of prescription medications, and Doctor related abuse of issuing narcotic prescriptions to patients. Oklahoma abuse of prescription Hydrocodone and Oxycodone have increased dramatically according to Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs since 2008, to 51% and 77% respectively. A poor system of tracking Doctor prescriptions to prevent doctor shopping for narcotic drugs is a huge issue that may be resolved with upcoming mandatory Prescription checks by physicians in HB1948 before Oklahoma State Legislature.

I know these issues may be partially connected, in that people do things they may not normally do, when intoxicated on narcotic drugs, such as attacking the police. If we have a large segment of population abusing prescriptions and illicit substances, the more likely of police contact, and potential violence against police, and or arrest and shootings. It seems like we need more control over our dispensing of narcotics in this state.

We need better Police training for our men and women in law enforcement to lower the shootings rates in our state. We need a concerted effort statewide to shut down meth manufacturing and distribution. These three combinations most likely would place us back in a lowered police shooting statistic, and our state citizens would be more safe. What about providing treatment to our prison population, our general public, helping them break the cycle of alcohol and drug addictions. Oklahoma ranks fourth in the nation for incarceration rates. Oklahoma also incarcerates more females than any other State. Something needs to be done to deal with our populations reliance on criminal behavior and lifestyle. Providing job training for dealers who knew nothing else since age of thirteen, but dealing drugs, as that is what their parents taught them-that is what they knew. This places new job seekers into our low unemployment market, and hopefully transforms people lives into productive citizens. Showing them an alternative lifestyle, a better way, a better life.

If every State implemented these three principles to combat police shootings, the news would not be so negative about our police. Our Police need help to combat the conditions of our society, to prevent such likelihood of police shootings. Our People need an investment in their recovery success. Action needs to occur sooner than later.

D.W. Dobbs

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