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Old Rubbish Bins Must be Replaced!

Updated on May 7, 2013

Pick a Slot!


Fight Against the Creatures of Rubbish!

The communities within our beautiful country (Canada) as well as others around the world must start taking a more serious approach to fighting against the rubbish creatures. These rubbish creatures are covering our beautiful green spaces suffocating them and eventually destroying them. Where there was once green space in its place is a horrible creature built from filthy rubbish. No longer is the air filled with the pleasing aromas of the flowers, plants and trees but instead this is replaced by the repulsive stench of rubbish and pollution.

Fighting the Rubbish Creatures

Why would we not want to fight to keep our Mother Earth protected against these horrible creatures that are growing bigger by the day in numbers and in size. They are spreading across our world like raging fires destroying everything in their paths as they go. Not all is lost as it is up to us humans to come together and fight against these creatures! It is our obligation to do this (the right thing) as it is humans who created the rubbish creatures and unfortunately continue to do so.

Stop Polluting think Green!

We must come up with better tools and ways to fight against those of us who choose to keep feeding the rubbish creatures. We must fight fire with fire! We have to find better ways to convince polluters to come over to the green side. We need to try and convert them to join in the fight against the rubbish creatures instead of contributing to the creatures survival. We must find new recruits to help fight the fight; even by starting small like cleaning up rubbish on your own street for example. I started to fight against the rubbish creature that resides on my street. I wrote to the city and they responded by sending three city workers out for two days to clean up the rubbish. I have since taken up doing top up cleaning in which I go out myself and clean up the rubbish when I see it starting to build up again.

Public Parks etc. Should Have Recycle Friendly Garbage Bins!

Every little bit in the right direction does help we must move in a positive direction towards saving our Mother Earth. On one hand we hear from the goverment, local officials etc. suggesting that we (the public) practice recycling; which in itself is a good thing but it is not nearly enough. One of my big concerns is the lack of modern garbage bins that offer recyling options. Unfortunately most of the cities public garbage bins are outdated not offering a recycling option within them. Thus things like plastic bottles that could be recycled will end up in landfills. Now I have seen modern recycling garbage bins but they are far and few between seeing them mostly in fast food restaurants and food courts in malls etc. But the goverment should lead by example making it mandatory that all city parks,streets and schools have modern recycling garbage bins.

Out with the Old and in with the New!

If we dont upgrade the bins how can we increase the percentage of bottles being recycled verses ones that end up in landfills? We need to upgrade to modern garbage bins everywhere around the world to help support and encourage recycling. Out with the old and in with the new! I'm afraid if we don't choose to do this the creatures of rubbish will continue to flourish.


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    • Pamela-anne profile image

      Pamela-anne 5 years ago from Miller Lake

      Thanks for your support towards saving our green spaces we need all the support we can muster! take care pam.

    • wmhoward4 profile image

      William A. Howard IV 5 years ago from Baltimore Maryland (USA)

      I liked this topic because it offered another way to recycle. I shared it on my Facebook because I want my county coucilman and state delgates to see the bins.