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Tukaram Ombale's - 26/11-Killer Feasts in Jail,even when Supreme Court Say's Hang Him.

Updated on February 22, 2013
skgrao profile image

A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

The 26 / 11 - Killer Kasab.

The Killer Kasab Govt Guest
The Killer Kasab Govt Guest
Who is he.
Who is he.

Killer Trying to escape.

We are Good Singers for the Dead.

How can this Happen,Its the beauty of Politics or our Copied Law From British..

Killing 4 fisher men the team of terrorists sized their boats throw their bodies in the sea and landed at Gate Way of India to open terror never seen by any Indians.Boat tragedy is over and Vote tragedy has started however the elected representatives after duly voted to power have not paid any compensation to those who were killed just because their dead bodies are not found.These politicians have to see their dead body's to pay compensation,what a tragedy.The family is starving and these politicians are playing with their Game of Politics.

We all cannot forget how our Brave Mumbai Police Officers Late.Shri.Hemant Karkare,Late.Shri.Ashok Kamte,Late.Shri.Vijay Salasker & other Police Officers whose names I am not able to get went out to fight the Terrorists,while their Top Bosses were resting at Home even though they Knew that their colleagues were lying in a pool of Blood with grave wounds for 40 minutes and  there was terrible crisis at such places as the Great Taj Hotel,Trident Hotel,Cama Hospital,Nariman House and Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus,mostly known to Bombay Lovers as Victoria Terminus.

The Media having reported on the Terrorist attack for several days non stop have better news and have forgotten the entire terrible incident.

Shri.Tukaram Ombale the Brave Police Man who took with his stick not even having a bullet proof jacket the terrorist with a AK 47 with his bare hands could not prevent the Killer Kasab from pulling the trigger and the bravest man took all the bullets in his stomach and still would not let go the barrel of AK 47 and was holding it till Kasab was over taken by other Brave Policemen.Tukaram Ombale collapsed,but his brave dying effort in holding the Barrel of AK 47 saved the life of his colleagues.Also Kasab was not able to fire at his adversaries.The other Terrorist Ismail was killed by other police men.

For some time Media was reporting very well on what's going on with the arrested terrorist from Pakistan and his activities in Jail and his demands when people started yelling for Kasab's blood Media stopped reporting the way they did patriotically till politicians in power perhaps silenced the Media.We all know Media is depending on politicians in power to have Tenders advertised and re-advertised to generate revenue for their modernization and pay the poor youngsters who report - this is Doopa Deep with Camera Person Kunju Kutti reporting for 7x24 BO TV.

What happened to those other civilians killed.?

Where is the Bullet Proof Jacket that Our Hero Karkare wore.?

Was the Bullet proof Jacket tested to prevent AK 47 Bullets.

How was the test done on these Jackets.?

Is there a report on the tests made.?

From whom were these Jackets purchased.?

Who ordered these Jackets.?

Are these Jackets still in use.?

There is a Bullet hole in the Helmet as seen in the Video.?

Are our Helmets worn by our police AK 47 Bullet Proof.?

We see Policemen in the Video wearing Caps why.?

Do we have Bullet proof Caps.?

How long before Kasab gets a Hang or is he going to be freed like that Masood Khan by the BJP govt.?

These questions will be never answered as Kasab is under trial and the matter is before the Court.

Kasab has Kasatta Ice Cream if he wants and has spent our money Rs.3,000,00,00 so far for 365 days over or nearly Rs.2,000.00 per day a 5 star free guest from PAKISTAN..

The family of the dead will have to be watching the killer of their beloved eating ice cream.

The Master Killer Bin Laden is living in most unpolluted regions of Afghanistan.

President Obama before he entered the White House in his speech to get Votes told he would Kill Bin Laden if he become the President.He is now busy helping Pakistan Kill him.

One more year in office Our Past President G.Bush would have killed him like he killed The King Of Iraq.

The Face Of Terrorists.


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