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Omen Drive :Stroke of the Midnight In(ter)dependence to India.

Updated on October 7, 2012

Midnight delivered , born crippled fighting twins

Moment-one of the fifteenth august 1947 coincided with newborn India , the INDEPENDENT.

No sensible person could ever believe that was owing to the freedom struggle lead by gandhi or jinnah. Global politics compelled the U.K to free India to the wretch that followed the second world war simultaneously ensuring the clutches still to be remotely controlled by London, under Washington D C, thanks to Motilal Nehru's instrument Jawaharlal's betrayal of M K Gandhi.

If Rajagopalachary as suggested by Gandhi became the first prime minister , today India would have become a superpower.

The Indian politician is yet to get out of the dark hole of colonial hangover.Lust for power blinds them and binds them to the Chairs of power to play all the nasty games of evil politics.

Above ninety percent of electors in India are yet to have an OPINION about their nation, no wonder most of them have no say on their own existence.

The contentious ISSUE of India's twin sister Pakistan had torpedoed the 'e'ndia'h' ark off the mark itself.

The latest shape the twins have managed themselves to fit into is hinted within 'Applied Holistics' through my hub 'Oh!bama in India'


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