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On Sabotaging "Suicide Programming"

Updated on September 9, 2011

Don't Believe your Stalkers "Suicide Programming"

     These bastards attacked me in a weakened state yet again:  during a time when I was out of medication.  They used Binaural Beat technology to try and fool me into killing myself.  Luckily for me, I saw where it was (psychologically) going in advance and minorly altered my brain chemistry (a couple 100MG Zoloft pills).   They start out with a message of "hope", but they ALWAYS try to box me into a corner where either:  they try to fool my body into self-destructing(using a very realistic "Heart Attack Sequence") OR attempting to get me to actually take my own life.  They will stoop so low as to actually say that you are Christ and thusly you must SURRENDER so that you can be crucified and ascend to Heaven.   

     If you are being ATTACKED DURING A MENTALLY-WEAKENED STATE, YOU CAN PRETTY-MUCH GUARANTEE THAT EVERYTHING THEY TELL YOU IS matter how CONVINCING they may sound.  First, they build you up by making you feel as though you are "the chosen one".  Then, they insist that you give in to their attempts to control your body/mind.  Then the self-crucifixion program is started.  At some point, they will be pushing on you to "die" so hard that you must either 1.  Forcefully turn them away or 2.  Get some music and focus on it and COMPLETELY IGNORE YOUR SURROUNDINGS while thinking as many "happy thoughts" as you can come up with.

     They actually gave me the impression that I was going to leave my body and go "home" (back to Heaven).  Luckily for me, I grew up a Jehovah's Witness.  They teach that we are to be resurrected and then judged.  Only 144,000 people are given the reward of joining God in heaven.  Everyone else gets resurrected and lives forever IN AN EARTHLY PARADISE.  They teach that man IS a soul.  To me, that simply means that I am my unique series of firing-patterns taking place in my brain which is the template upon which I began to (and continue to) exist.  So, fortunately for me:  my religious "programming" as a young boy contradicts my stalkers "death programming". 

       I really didn't get it before:  even after saying I was a homosexual to get them to lay off, they were not satisfied.  No.  These guys want to own your mind in such a way that you are not going to actually exist as a person any longer.  Whether it's the:  "You are a sacrifice" argument or that you are being punished for being gay and not "coming out of the closet"..........THEY ARE INTENTIONALLY PLACING YOU IN A POSITION IN WHICH YOU must either 1. Do something that you couldn't live with yourself for doing or 2. Self-crucifixion.  I think that the entire process is one of "rising drama" followed by an "emotional overload" in which the person's mind becomes so agitated that it undergoes an ABREACTION.  In such a state, a person can be taught to hate someone/something they once Loved or Love someone/something they once hated.  If you cannot be made to "overload", you cannot satisfy them!

      Get this:  I even tried to "crucify myself" by submitting to the most intense electronic attacks ever.  I was then berated for no apparent reason.  Doing this makes you REALLY MENTALLY WEAK for a LONG PERIOD OF TIME (as in months or even years).  I recommend not believing ANYTHING that these people tell you.  I believe that there IS A GOD and we do not need to be subjected to psychologically-traumatizing electronic harassment to find Him.  This process grinds up the mind in virtually all cases.  People who are saints are being "burned at the stake" in what appears to be a "High-Tech Inquisition".  Others appear to be getting "electronically-raped".  All I can tell you is DON'T EMOTIONALLY REACT TO THESE ILLUSIONS.  THEY ARE NOT REAL, BUT IF YOU BELIEVE THE STUFF THEY TELL YOU.........YOU ARE SCREWED.  NO EMOTIONAL REACTION MEANS NO BRAINWASHING and near as I can tell you:  THAT IS ALL THAT THIS IS...........BS TO CAUSE US TO GO NUTS. 


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    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      My computer is back. :) Miss it so much...

      It's true, they would love to program us, they need us to have fear or believe in something negative, since we believe in good I think there is no way. I have a happy thought that I look for a beach with the sun shinning in waters, trying to hear the sound of waves and feel the wind, and I am in that beautiful moment in mind, of course seconds after they intrude but I tried maximize the happy and peaceful seconds. Although we have some enduring journey, we target people, know more or less that something very obscure is going on in the world, people of all world, normal citizens that pay there taxes, work, have good values, justice, respect, freedom, human rights considerations, are put in this almost unbelievable situation to leave them in the frame of no workers, running people of society and of course running their way of free thinking, strong personalities, strong values, and other things about us we don't know and made us target.

      One of this days we will know...why the sabotage since childhood. Genetic detection?

      Blessings to you MOEFLATS and all target and no target people that believe in respect, justice and freedom.