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On Short-Circuiting Pre-conceived Mental Overloads

Updated on June 5, 2012

On Stopping Brainwashing: Both Electronic and Social

This is all about brainwashing the human mind and breaking the human spirit. You are depicted doing the most disgusting things so that you'll hate yourself..........allowing guilt as a backdoor entrance to your psyche. My last attack, which occurred 2 weeks ago was the most diabolical, evil attempt to possess my body by an electromagnetic entity. I even fell under their influence to the point that they were moving my body. The key is knowing that they can make us think ANYTHING for very short periods of time.......and SO CAN WE! Never allow anything they make you think make you feel that you should just break down and obey them.

They will accuse and you are representing yourself. If it sounds like a good idea for you - THINK IT. If it sounds like a good excuse: THINK IT. If you are so browbeat that you can't tell the truth from lies, they cannot program you very well. That's another key: "knowing when to let go of the rope" in this psychic tug-of-war, leaving them with the greater level of investment than you. Don't invest unless it allows you to channel their energy into protection or self-defense. The key to know about every single attack you experience is that it WILL GET BETTER, it just sucks for right now and might do so for awhile. Do not beg them for anything as this merely weakens your psychological strength level. DO call upon the name of God to save you. That's right there in the Bible.

They'll put you "in Hell" and try to get you to imagine yourself out by focusing on destroying the physical body. Remember: it's a TRICK to get you to off yourself quickly or slowly by "wishing yourself away". I didn't even bother with that last time, I was taking a psychological whipping and I just braced myself for the storm, prayed to God and FOUGHT off their attempts to possess my body and mind. When THIS happens, become whatever you must be to carry out each action. Keep changing your form and what you get your power from so they can't "counter-think" you. Just know, this isn't about the's about who's lies are more powerful: yours or theirs.

Now, they keep hanging this "Jesus Complex" on me. I know how to transform and manipulate energy being channeled into me. The main thing is to find something to use it so that you enjoy yourself. Next, don't let them push you up SO HIGH that you damage your consciousness. I tried taking on their energy and it almost led me to heaven, then when I let go, I fell into a Hell so awful I had to knock myself out to not think it. Now, I keep getting hints that I should be taking on this energy until it breaks my mind for the sake of others.

I've got an idea of what this all is: Biblical separation of "Sheeps" from "Goats" through high-tech mental manipulation. If you want to take ALL the energy on, just know that if you aren't channeling it, you might be killing yourself or WORSE, becoming plant food. Don't let their temporary alterations of reality make you hate yourself. You ARE GUILTY OF NOTHING. If you believe everything the Bible says, this taking on of energy might lead you straight to Heaven. You cannot physically destroy yourself, however........ just take on higher psychic energy levels.


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    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 5 years ago

      This is for soundsgood: they tried to possess me and pretty-much had the job done. First, i put in headphone music, then I took a dose of Ritalin to help "jam"(them)out". It was pretty freaky being a half-zombified person who broke the chains of mental control. They can make you feel really s@@@ty, but that WILL ALWAYS PASS. You just have to hold on for dear life. Pray to God - because it works.

    • profile image

      soundsgood 5 years ago

      your definitely right about this i get dense and low frequency energy pushed on my alot and as soon as i did what you said it all went away. they tried possessing me today when i was trying to sleep and i kept waking back up. but while it was happening it felt pretty weird. after that i fell asleep again and they possessed me in my dream. i heard a weird noise that sounded like it came from the mouth. wasnt sure if it was my mouth though.