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Once Again Monkey Knows What Tree Limb To Jump On...

Updated on December 3, 2011

Once Again Monkey Knows What Tree Limb To Jump On…

I am not above repeating my take on the given issues because some of those same issues are akin to Bill Murray living the same day over and over in the classic movie, Ground-Hog-Day. I have opined about those who want to arrest President Bush, the younger, for supposed crimes against Humanity or the like - the current movement espousing this specious, asinine position is Amnesty International… which is asking the African countries President Bush is currently visiting, incidentally for Aids awareness, to arrest the former President for sanctioning Water Boarding of terrorists. Once again, grandma was right to say that Monkey knows what tree limb to jump on because you do not hear the clarion call from Amnesty International to arrest Ahmadinejad or other leaders of similar ilk. Amnesty International spends its time advocating for those who would deliberately kill sucklings and are proud of it.

To prove again that monkey knows what tree limp to jump on… does anyone really thinks that Amnesty International would have the same legal posture for President Obama, especially knowing that virtually every tactic Bush/Cheney used to combat terror was kept by the Obama Administration? In law, there is a concept known as an Accessory after the fact… surely, to follow Amnesty’s legal logic, President Obama is guilty of this because our current lawyer President has maintained those terrorists President Bush ‘water boarded’ at Gitmo. Why doesn’t Amnesty International say that President Obama is guilty too, albeit of lesser crime, and target him for arrest for being privy to the illegalities of his predecessor? In addition, we are told that President Obama still maintains the Bush/Cheney policy of Rendition - in accordance to International Law, Rendition is a serious charge and should warrant an arrest for President Obama too.

It is true that Amnesty International probably says that it wants to arrest President Bush just for the sake of publicity… because, in my humble opinion, like many of the Far Left denizens, Amnesty International lacks the courage of its conviction on many issues it advocates. An apt example is the recent Occupy Movement, when its members were kicked out from the public parks, were not welcomed by or taken into the celebrities homes - you know those celebrities who said that they are the one-per centers that want to be taxed a higher rate. Permit me also to paraphrase and convey the wit of Christopher Hitchens, the great Atheist writer, which seems here apropos, where he said about certain Far-Left Liberal ideologues - that if some rabid, dangerous animal were about to eat or to do grave harm to the children of some on the Far Left, that the latter, instead of trying to kill the rabid animal, would instead summon the ASPCA….


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