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Once upon a time in the life of a Tree - An autobiography

Updated on May 18, 2013
A self-created Doodle
A self-created Doodle


Trees are all around us (or at least around most of us till now!). But did you ever thought to delve deep into the life of this amazing creature - Tree? How did he felt when he was a simple seed? How were his growing up years like? Was he jealous of his friends too? How did he deal with the various environmental dynamics thrusted upon him, forcibly sometimes? Did he ever cry in his lifetime? How did he felt during his 'last days'? Did he held a grudge against Humanity?

If you have any answers to the above questions, feel free to share them with all in the 'Comments' section of this Hub. But if you don't, please feel free to read on....

When I was a seed...

It was a hot and parched July afternoon and there I lay with my friends in a glass jar on a barren shelf. A jar of the seeds of a Mango tree. Our owner sat, dull and grey, in one corner of the shop. He was waiting for someone, who could buy us off so that he could have some money for his family, but clearly we were not. Weren't we a family who deserved to be together? But sadly, people don't look upon us as one with 'life', 'relationships' and 'emotions'.

The day of separation...

And after few days, as was destined, the day of separation dawned on us. A tall, bearded man, who was shabbily dressed, took 10 of us away. In a spell of frantic chaos, I lost many of my pals. But there was some consolation, as most of the other 9 were my friends, except one. He was the strongest one amongst us and a bully, in true sense.

The man packed us together in a packet and stashed us in one desolate corner of his weary bag. And then, darkness was forced upon us. We didn't knew where we were heading to but the terrain was quite rocky and uneven, for sure. We frequently hit each other, someone though deliberately did so.

And then came the Light...

But the ordeal came to an end soon when we saw the light of the day. The man took us out and spread us on a table. He then went to a seemingly barren-looking area and started doing some calculations and measurements. We couldn't figure out what it was and for whom it was as we are not educated in 'that sense'.

The truth soon came forth as he took us all to the barren ground (Yes, the one on which he was doing some calculations!). I saw that he had divided his land in 10 equal square areas, marked with chalk powder. He, then, started digging rigorously in all the 10 areas and, in the end, created a small pit in all of them. He, with calculated precision, took each one of us to the respective areas and sowed us deep in the soil.

My life was set to change, change for the better or...???

And there I lay...deep in the soil

Deep in the soil, it was dark, damp and dangerous. I lay myself in one corner, still trying to figure out what this new world meant for me. As days passed, I started feeling comfortable and spread my legs (read: roots) in the soil. The place had some mystical charm in it, something which made me and my brain (read: shoot) grow. I started believing in the reason for us being in this position, this area. I started assuring myself , constantly, that one day I will move out of this place and will enter a whole 'new and bright' world.

The 'big bright' world

It happened. I came out, into this 'new and bright' world with an elevated state of mind (read: plant). I felt fresh as the winds caressed my new green leaves and made me sway to its tune. The man planted a fence around all of us. I didn't knew why he did so but when I noticed some scary '4-legged creatures' trying to force themselves upon us (!), I thanked him for protecting us.

Gradually, we became fond of the man who helped us till this stage of life. He used to feed us with some sort of 'powder' (read: manures and fertilizers) every week and also helped us to take 'bath'. We grew and grew, under his able guidance and care, to an even higher state of mind (read: tree).

As time advanced....

With advancement of time, I grew taller and higher grew our 'level of consciousness and benevolence'. We had got a lot from this world and felt that it was time to pay back some.

We spreaded our 'arms' (read: branches) for all the chirpy little birds so that they could find a safe home for themselves, a place where they could grow and flourish. To satisfy the hunger of our insect pals, we grew colourful and sweet flowers on our 'arms'. But then, we felt a need of arranging food for the birds who were now living with us. True, they had a point when they complained that they are the ones who stay with us longer than the insects, who visit only sparingly.

We were confused now as the birds had a valid point but we couldn't disappoint the insects either. An 'agreement' was reached in which it was agreed that we will first, for a short period, add flowers to our arms for the insects to feed upon and then, fruits will be added for a longer period for our feathered friends as they are the 'permanent residents'.

Friends to all...

These were some deliberate attempts, on our part, to ensure a regular sharing of our lives with those numerous ones around. Much to our lack of knowledge, we ended up satisfying many of the friends of the Man who nurtured us till this point. They sat under our well spreaded arms and got respite from the burning overhead sun.

Knowingly and, sometimes, unknowingly we made many friends across the numerous life spheres. We grew and made sure they grew with us, too. But times changed.....

Man and his Monsters

One day, a bevy of 'armed' men and 'monsters' (machines) invaded the vast forested land on the opposite side of our home. Within hours, the place where many of our co-mates flourished went flat and barren.

The scene was gory, the details graphic. Their leaves and arms lay scattered, severed and lifeless. Their fruits lay crushed under the 'weight of humanity'. A scene of terror developed instantly on our side, too.

Will we meet the same tragic end? If yes, then why? What was our fault? Didn't we serve the humanity in the right manner?

Saved....but for how long?

We were saved, at least for that day. The 'monsters' took away the 'dead remains' of our friends. Their fruits decayed but were eaten up eventually by some '4-legged creatures'. There were little houses of birds on them, too. They flew away then, but always came back to the place where they were born, where they grew and where they were happy and safe.

We are not supposed to cry as we are meant to be hard and strong but the tears do lay stashed in a desolate corner of our heart. Only if the 'Man and his Monsters' had eyes to see....

We, too, and probably several others will, meet the similar fate as 'Man and his Monsters' continue on their never-ending (but remember, self-consuming) journey of destruction and violence. They forget that before them came our families and it were we who made this planet a habitable place for their generations to come.

Can they survive without us? Does humanity believe that they can live with their self-created 'Monsters' and they will be spared by its 'venom'?

Only time will tell........


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      it has helped me in my holiday homework

    • profile image

      rk das 

      3 years ago

      very shot

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Its really heart touching and amazing

    • profile image

      Vinay Gadilkar 

      3 years ago

      GOOD WORK...

      LOVED IT

    • profile image


      4 years ago


    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Very nice

    • Hridyapal-Bhogal profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Many thanks for pitching in with your insight!! Much appreciated!

    • ajwrites57 profile image


      5 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Hridyapal-Bhogal interesting parable of the mango seed. Not sure when or if we will learn. God help us!


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