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One Last Chance To Remove President Trump

Updated on November 24, 2019

The impeachment of Donald Trump will fail despite the obvious facts and truths from the testimony of solid witnesses. The Republicans, at best, might agree that is was wrong or improper but not impeachable. That said, most gamblers would bet that the Senate will never vote to impeach their Trump and actually remove him. It will never happen unless there is a Bolton or Pompeo testimony reverses their minds. The Democrats need to pause and realize this all good backfire knowing what the future is.

The last chance to remove Trump from another disastrous four years of Trump.That is the 2020 election, of course. But in the meantime, Trump will do his best to isolate and damage America. He is already doing it:

1. Talks with South Korea broke off recently when Trump demanded that SK pay over $4 billion for American forces being stationed there across from NK. This is an economic blackmail when you know that SK currently pays $1 billion a year and the actual costs to station American troops there is only $2 billion! No wonder SK walked out of the discussions. Knowing that NK might attack SK if US troops left, makes this demand blackmail. Americans who like Trump's actions are just plain ignorant and self-centered in foreign relations.

2. Trump also has asked Japan the same sort of blackmail. Japan has had the same reaction.

3. Trump has reversed decades of the American position that the housing built on the West Bank by Israel since 1967 is illegal. Trump now stated that Israel has the right to do it since they seized it way back then. This only inflames the Arabs and Palestinians in the region to hate America more.

What Trump and his dumb followers think is good foreign policy is exactly the opposite and there is more to come. Trump's position on NATO is turning our friends into enemies because Trump wants more money from each of them in the same manner as he has done with South Korea and Japan. It is blackmail: pay up your share or US troops will come home. It such such a bad policy and will leave America with few trusted friends.

As America withdraws back to its shores buffered by oceans (that mean nothing in today's missile age) China and Russia will come to lead much of the world and dictate events that America may or may not be part of. Just look at the Middle East after Trump allowed Russia and Turkey to take most of the control in the region. What will US troops with the Syrian oil fields that Trump seems to think are of high value (which they are not)? How long will American troops hold them? The policy is just stupid beyond belief.

November, 2020, will be the last chance to end Trump's horrible presidency. It's all about voter turnout. Trump will be defeated with God's help.


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