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Supreme Court gets it WRONG again - One More Step Accomplished in the Bankers New World Order Agenda

Updated on January 26, 2014

Would Americans really Vote to Support Unlimited Corporate Influence?

As you read this you will understand why Americans are so fed up with so much of the Republican Agenda. At the same time it’s pretty easy to see that there really is no 2 Party System.  We have a single party; Green = Money Party.

What can we as Americans do… our liberties, our freedoms, our rights to representation without taxation (I know its dyslexic wordplay) are gone.

In 2005 the Supreme Court gave the “Green Light” for the Government to take your property for just about any reason and there is nothing you can do about it.  It’s called Eminent Domain. Today an EVEN WORSE ruling was made.

If you think that YOU have a choice in the candidates you elect, you are sadly mistaken.  Candidates are selected by the Wealthy Banking Elite… PERIOD!  Being the right man or woman for the job means nothing.  Candidates are Groomed and put into place. The two party system means nothing when you can buy either party.

Thank You Supreme Court for Screwing America – Again!

The Supreme Court really got this one wrong.  And this is one of the few times I can say I openly support Obama 100%.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Corporations can spend freely to support or oppose candidates for president and Congress, the Supreme Court ruled on Thursday in a landmark decision that allows massive sums to be spent to influence future elections.

The 5-4 ruling split the high court along conservative and liberal lines. It was a defeat for the Obama administration and supporters of campaign finance laws who said that ending the limits would unleash a flood of corporate money into the political system.

The ruling will transform the political landscape and the rules on how money can be spent in this year's congressional election and the 2012 presidential contest.

This should come as no surprise however. When our country was founded it was founded by some of the World’s brightest minds.  Today the Government is completely bought and sold by the people who control the Money Supply.

"This decision allows Wall Street to tap its vast corporate profits to drown out the voice of the public in our democracy," said Common Cause President Bob Edgar, a group that supports campaign finance limits

Bought and sold.  If you think the economy is going to recover you might want to think about who benefits from the status quo. Bankers DO NOT CARE if you can not make a living as long as they can control you and it doesn’t affect their quality of life.  Sadly the day is coming when all their money won’t mean anything because no one will be around to perform the menial tasks they require to live.

In his sharply worded dissent, Justice John Paul Stevens wrote, "The court's ruling threatens to undermine the integrity of elected institutions across the nation."

Well at least one of them got it right… but for naught.

Now you might say – it’s not the Bankers, it’s the Corporations.  To which I would respond and where does Corporate America get it’s money?  Corporations run on Debt!  Debt comes from borrowing from Banks!

There is no way that ANY corporation could lose Billions of Dollars and survive if not for debt.

Bought and Sold.  America is not the land of the free.  And sadly voting really means very little any more.

Until the Federal Reserve is abolished and the control of the money supply is returned to the people you can expect more of the same.

Sad, sad day for America.

Who is really running the Government – Bankers!

Good Bye Freedom

American Politicians Bought and Sold like Commodities by the Banking Elite
American Politicians Bought and Sold like Commodities by the Banking Elite


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