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One Second Of Terror, Tsarnaev's Execution

Updated on May 16, 2015
Dzhokar was well liked and had a bright future. What a waste.
Dzhokar was well liked and had a bright future. What a waste.
The Boston Terrorists
The Boston Terrorists
Their mom and dad.
Their mom and dad.

Death to the Boston Terrorist?

The Boston terrorists have got what they wanted, death by martyrdom, as Islam promotes for its followers. I doubt if the older brother, killed by his own brother after he rammed him with the escape car during a police shootout, is enjoying his virgins as Islam falsely promises (BTW, what does a woman get?). We all knew that from their perspective, any death, by any means, is a win for them. After all, they are Islamic warriors against the infidels of the West, of a country that at one time, they longed to be part of as an American. The younger brother was American and had he not been corrupted by such stupid beliefs from the older brother (who was angry about not being an American and fitting in), would have been a success most likely. The tipping point for the older brother was when after years of prepping for a boxing career, could not fight because he was not an American citizen. This was the last straw for him that caused him to turn to radical Islam. It was out of revenge and anger he turned to Islam. It was not because he firmly believed in Islam, which he used as an excuse (as many of ISIS fighters do).

So, now, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death. He was quietly happy about it. It is what he wanted. A more slow death would be to keep him in a supermax prison where he has no contact with anyone and allowed out of his cell one hour a day. Those who have gone before him have gone crazy in such confinement. There is now a consideration in modifying this because it is cruel and unusual punishment. The logic begs, well, what about the horrendous acts they committed in the first place?

But, what most don't know is that Dzhokhar is not going to die for sometime, if ever. It's not like we are going to take a gun and kill him or use lethal injection. The last time a federal court executed a person with lethal injection was in 2003. On average, the defendant will appeal the final ruling and it will take 5-10 years to come to the conclusion that the original ruling was just. More waste of time and expense in the American legal system. But that is not the worst of if it.

There is currently no lethal injection drugs (three drug combinations are required, BTW) in the Federal Court system, anywhere to give to Dzhokhar! There is a great debate about lethal injection as being overly cruel (OMG, LOL). Because of this, the limited number of drug manufacturers that create these drugs are stopping or refusing them to sell to state or federal entities for use in death penalty cases. Many states no longer have ample supplies to use lethal injection and obtaining them has forced some to obtain them from India via mail order. Some states have reinstated death by firing squad. In Oklahoma, where lethal injection was first used, has no more lethal injection drugs, so they have created the first "death by nitrogen" process based upon a scuba diver experience.

The FDA is now looking into the states that have ordered the three drugs needed lethal injection from India. In the past, these drugs that arrived from India were found to be fake or very poor quality. Perhaps, this explains why some of the recent lethal injections attempted have turned into truly horrid affairs!


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