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One of them days

Updated on February 1, 2011

One of them dayz.Animation from a still image

Animation from a still image found on Google. Using Adobe Photoshop the image was given fell and movement.Version of Photoshop used is Photoshop CS3. This graphic editing software has animation capabilities. For presentation and titles, Macintosh's iMovie was used. The complete movie/animation was then exported as a .mov file.

The image chosen represents riots in Zimbabwe. The political situation was extremely tense at the time the original image for this animation was taken. The original image can be viewed on Google by searching for Zimbabwe images .

As evidenced in the above mentioned links, victims of political clashes have been photographed and documented .Zimbabwe is now going through a much more stable period since the Unity government was formed between the two opposing political parties.

With a stable political landscape, Zimbabwe has the resources and infrastructure to become "The breadbasket of Southern Africa", a position it held from 1980 to circa 1995.


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