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The Judiciary takes so long the Murderer Spends his sentence in Hell Above and Heaven at Home.{ Gets Bail.}

Updated on February 11, 2013
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I am a Textile Technocrat having done my Diploma in Textile in Textile Technology a 3 and 1/2 year course in Govt SKSJTI Bangalore.

Few Pictures.

Not Me.
Not Me.
Looks Good.5 Star Clean.
Looks Good.5 Star Clean.

Murder & Parole.

A case was opened by the police and after all evidence and witness was presented the person was sent to Jail.The Chief Minister of the State goes through the procedure as per law and sets the murderer on Parole,he is free though he was sentenced to life imprisonment.The law which is 100 years old has been used very wisely with most insignificant flimsy reasons and has been broken.The saying:-

If the law is not broken we do not need any police,lawyers,courts and Your Honor Judges.

Breaking News / Hub Post.

The person who was set free goes back to Jail after country.s complete coverage of the news on his own.

Open / Shut / Open - is now - Open / Shut / Open / Shut.

The Country's Democratic Govt unaware of how and on what grounds a criminal was set free sends a memo to report and even before the Chief Minister tells her adviser to prepare the report the Criminal voluntarily goes back and walks in to jail and he is admited in as a State Guest by whosoever is the person who shows the Criminal's Room kept perhaps intact with any gadgets that he left in his room it is a Room not a Cell as we know these billionaires when sent to jail will have all the comforts unknown to public or media.Who can go inside a Jail to check what's happening inside.People who go in are experts with money to burn to do what they want.

We see in pictures how a person enjoys or suffers inside a jail.How do these movie makers know what happens inside a jail.They just buy the information from criminals who complete their sentence and we never know who sold the information nor is there any copy write law not to disclose any information as to what happens inside a jail.Few people go there often or sent by police to get information.It's our Jail Culture that we law abiding citizens are not supposed to know.

Many who are supposed to be in Jail are not there it is said.A Computer Billionaire sent to Jail is free to go in and out of Jail.He has every gadget that he needs including a special toilet it is said openly in parks where senior citizen's sit and chit chat,they are all high govt retired offocers and do not say things for a Joke.

The Jail is a free Guest House for Criminals to Rejoice who have money power and political influence.


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