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Opening Ceremony of the Information & Innovation

Updated on February 22, 2016

Thank God, I give thanks to the Almighty for His grace whom we can come together at the opening ceremony of the Information and Innovation Information Department in 2016 which simply means to all of us today. Indeed, today brought a very significant meaning in the history of success and achievement in this and in the next direction.

As citizens of Malaysia Information Department we should be proud and grateful that we have been entrusted by the Government to be the lead agency in providing information to the people in Malaysia on the policy implemented by the Government. Alhamdulillah, thanks to the efforts and determination in implementing the mandate that we recently JaPen been recognized and awarded the Gold Award for the Campaign GST and Silver Award for Media Relations PR 370 in the Inaugural Excellence Awards Nite. Therefore, the celebration of Information and Innovation 2016 held today is another effort to empower all citizens to shoulder the mandate of the department is the Government through the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia Commission.

The strength and our ability to rely on the full commitment of every employee to uphold the aspirations of the department. Information Department now has a strong team and always move in one accord for the sake of achieving the aspirations that have been assigned to all of us. This aspiration will not be successful if only a few people played a role in the department. Instead of the task will only be successful if all citizens to play a role in line with the wishes of the government in the realization and success of our country continue sketching.

Thus, the Information and Innovation Day which is celebrated on this day is very important to establish cooperation and mutual understanding among all employees of the department. The programs are prepared by taking all aspects is to establish a teamwork that can enhance creativity, spiritual and physical all the citizens of this department. This coincided with Innovation, sports competitions between the contingent and prayers of remembrance that will last for three days. It is expected that all the programs that will be implemented will be able to achieve the organization of Information and Innovation Day this year.

On this day I want to say a big thanks and appreciation to all those who struggled and worked hard to realize the government through the Department particularly poignant cries of all members of the department who has been plagued over the years. Even so, I found all members of this department always is resilient in the face of any obstacles and attempt to fend off various accusations against the government and trying to create a positive perception of the Government in achieving national transformation.

Innovations implemented by the masters of the Department of Information at stake this time the Group Award category of Best Financial Management, File Management System, Bulletin, Website, Beautification and Cleanliness Best Office, Category Quality Award (Individual), the 1Malaysia Community Coordinating Officer , Lecturer, Public Relations Officer and Management Issues and Best Creative Award for the category of design, Photography, Writing and Interpreting Audio Visual and Best Technical all of whom I admired very high because the Department has always welcomed and coordinate ideas, creativity and innovation for the simple approach and understood by the public will see the role JaPen always close and familiar to communities across the country. Hopefully these innovations can be implemented not only improved to enhance the quality of our services in the Department of Information Malaysia but also the expected impact of our presence strongly felt and needed by the local community.

To the end, once again I would like to congratulate all those involved in organizing the realization of the Information and Innovation in 2016, may all the efforts and sacrifices we have received the blessing and the blessing of God in this world and hereafter.

Thank you.


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