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Oprah Winfrey Will Make America Great

Updated on October 3, 2017

If Oprah Winfrey challenges Donald Trump in the Presidential race, who will win? Trump’s personality corresponds with demonizing opponents which promotes universal fear to obtain support. Trump’s own self-righteousness as an entertainer diverts attention from real issues and proposals to superficial content that enables deception to become reality.

The information ecosystem polarizes the masses, and then empowers the digestion of content and its reliance on the internet as a dominant contributor of content that lives and dies by the marketplace of ideas. The Democratic Party must come to terms with the fact that a career politician may not be the public discourse that Americans want.

Sure, the Americans can romanticize the past with the premise of what democracy stands for, but the real departure of judgment may rest on the populism that is consumed with its own barbarity that impulsively invades justice and fairness absorbed by the hymnal of the Constitution of America.

Oprah Winfrey knows the media and can ensure America ongoing conversations of democracy and protecting the openness of the marketplace through the connection of fellow Americans. Oprah will not hemorrhage their beliefs, but will engulf the linguistic expression of freedom and dignity that is magnified by electronic media.

Donald Trump’s transitional phase from egocentric billionaire to an egocentric President had to do with comedic entertainment. However, that unconventional style of entertainment created a comic grotesque effect to disarm his adversaries. Trump crafted his social world by capitalizing on the visuals and then going on to create the celebrity-driven spectacle.

Trump’s spectacle reflects a violent imagery of outsiders that feed on the fear of real and imagined threats. In fact, Trump’s “American Dream” is fuelled by terrorist attacks domestically and abroad. His polarization of the American Dream becomes a standard bearer of unvarnished rhetoric appealing to the white uneducated male followed by their concubine to appease their male suitor. Trump used social media to personalize his image that inadvertently relied on psychometric profiling that became receptive to Trump’s message.

Nonetheless, the sequence of social media does reverse itself. Recently, Trump stated that Facebook is against him. The scientific approach of personality targeting on Facebook accurately targets Trump’s supporters by labeling them as “the swamp” or “deplorable” who regress the American Dream. These supporters generally have lower social mobility, less social capital, and live in racially isolated communities.

The real kicker is the geographic factors that enabled Trump to leverage blue-collar workers that have high household incomes to view Trump favorably through social media. This sequence allowed Trump’s rallies to gain momentum to favor a nationalistic and populist platform. This in itself resulted and achieved the end game of many American voters of not participating by not casting their vote.

Trump’s supporters are mostly young white men disillusioned with their own lives and without educational capabilities to achieve pronounced economic prosperity. The political objective of these men is to keep them at the same stature that Trump and Bannon believe is necessary to keep them in lower income brackets to formulate the populist movement.

Alexis de Tocqueville, a French diplomat, political scientist, and historian, was famous for his research and work in the democracy of America. He is correct in his assumption that when the electorate reduces “the flock of timid industrial animals” then the dynastic approach to a Presidential term has come to an end. Trump’s appeal raised a larger concern. The 40-year old white male also made up a large majority of Trump’s camp. These men were smart enough to suppress their thoughts but were able to assess their core values with longer hours, stagnant wages, and the acceleration of the education of women to occupy better paying positions in the corporate world.

Remember, the positive social capital of the swamp that elected Donald Trump can not afford a round of golf at the Mar-a-Lago or reasonable health insurance. One can not overstate the role of behavior modification that allowed Trump’s supporters to legitimize statements of bigotry against Muslims, Mexicans, Women, and even China that ritualized the crowd with strong devotion using humiliation coupled with Trump’s mantra of making “America Great Again”.

Trump was able to pontificate some truths that allowed his treachery to deceive some of the people, but not all. His modus operandum consisted of the game of a respectable businessman that offered great gain to the swamp that elected him. It was the safe haven of a con man that tricked them and then solicited his own greed to collude with Russia for the purpose of building his own hotels in Moscow.

Oprah Winfrey understands poverty. With sheer determination she became a leader that now encompasses a media empire. She understands social media and how it prevails as a sequence in gaining the democratic ideals and heritage that America believes in. However it also has another face that breeds its own nationalistic and populist world of discrimination. Oprah Winfrey is a rockstar; her democratic rallies have to be large to signify her importance no different than Trump.

Oprah’s Socratic mind allows her to digest incoming questions and turn them around as a whip against her opponents. Unlike Trump who fears public opposition towards his rallies, Oprah stands as a wall and determines who she is, what she represents, why she took the role, and why she took the whip away from Donald Trump. She will win every state because the legacy of the whip itself reflects the American Revolution and even the white whipping boy. If she chooses to run she will win the respect of every nation in the world, she is the strongest.

I’d like to thank Michael Ambrozewicz for his contribution into this article.


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    • Tim Truzy info4u profile image

      Tim Truzy 

      13 months ago from U.S.A.

      Recently, I read two very interesting articles concerning Donald Trump and the aalt-right movement. If we study the Don carefully, his rhetoric is straight out of the W.W.E. fan club. The alt-right, or as I call it, the "salt-right," claims to want women there as long as they shut up when a man speaks. (Articles found in Harper's Magazine.)

      Although Oprah has said she will not run for president, she was very supportive of Barack Obama. It would be interesting: a lady who built her career on open honest conversations facing the heavyweight of misdirection and taunts. She does know how to behave more presidential. Talk show gifted lady versus a wrestler of the hearts and minds! Oprah wins hands down.

    • Sharlee01 profile image


      13 months ago

      To liberal for me... I am hoping to see a common sense person that will continue down a path of bringing the country back to prosperity, and morality. Tired of all the flowery ideals , and lack of common sense thinking that liberals do not seem to grasp. I do love Oprah, but would not support her for president.


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