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The Rising of The Orange Storm: What does this all mean?

Updated on June 3, 2016
Up and up you go
Up and up you go | Source

The attack of the clowns

Hahaha? Was it Gandhi that once said: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”? I rather leave it in doubt, I reserve using a phrase from the Mahatma to talk about the virtual GOP nomination of Donald Trump.

Besides that, it is interesting to see the campaign trail that at the beginning looked nothing else like a joke, a publicity stunt or a social experiment. It was like that rumor I heard about the Aurora shooting in 2012, at the Dark Knight Rises movie.

When the first gunshots were heard, the audience thought it was all part of the movie, a joke, anything else, except an authentic massacre. They couldn’t imagine that the weird guy with the orange hair and tactical clothing was not part of the show they were enjoying. For many it was too late when they noticed. Or that is what I heard.

Donald Trump’s candidacy is something similar, the difference is that after his “show” James Eagan Holmes was not named president of the USA. But I’m getting ahead of myself, Mr. Trump isn’t president yet, but he is one of the most likely possibilities. His nomination only is terrifying in itself.

The New World revolving around Trump... or Trump revolving around the New World?
The New World revolving around Trump... or Trump revolving around the New World?

Before this whole circus, his name was barely known outside of the USA and Home Alone cameos. He was considered from the beginning as someone exterior to the usual circle of the two party system. The phenomenon is complex, but I’ll make a resume: the natural mix between politics and access to information had a baby with the power that media companies naturally got, the climax of the internet, and more importantly: the financial, political and social crisis of the last years. The monstrous being (host of the show) that emerged from the described orgy, is a very peculiar being to which all people in the planet have become hostages, Donald Trump is but one of its clowns.

Let us talk about the clown. One day he came, his face and hair orange, his grey bags under the eyes, a millionaire that talked from T.V. or the PC or the smartphone. Some laughed when he announced his candidacy to the GOP, some didn’t find it funny at all. Either way they saw him, they gave him their attention, that was their undoing. In the eyes of many, Trump was not the savior of the American dream (that couldn’t be saved), he was its avenger.

A flag against a hurricane
A flag against a hurricane

His catchphrase speaks volumes: “Make America great again”. America is no longer great, America is small now, everybody takes advantage of the country that does not know how to negotiate, that doesn’t get what it deserves, from which everyone but the Americans gain something from. This thought makes more echoes inside a great volume of the population than the usual liberal and conservative rhetoric. The great part of the population is furious, they feel betrayed by both fronts.

Too much time they have been hostages of the two party system, in one side the GOP, weakened by two presidential defeats, the Tea party movement and the deformation of its members ideology. The GOP has become boring, and the population didn’t want to see the third season of The Bush Show.

Also, democrats. Between the many purposeless and profitless wars of the USA (also a GOP sin), the disappointments bred by the Wall-Street events, the financial crisis that struck most of the public and a paralyzing apathy has generated a general discomfort for the establishment, for the same-old politicians. If there was a time when Hillary Clinton could have been considered refreshing or groundbreaking, that time has passed, her image is stained by her own actions in previous governments, the fact that she might be the first female president to the USA no longer means anything.

Hostage at the clown show
Hostage at the clown show

Among this double betrayal all government seems guilty (and it is), Donald Trump didn’t play a direct part in the affronts; he even seems as offended as the rest of the people. He used to be a minor millionaire, his own reality TV star and brand. It is not his fault that they have “murdered America" he is the only candidate that represents a real incarnation of the people, something that the collective kept years and years praying to God for. He curses on TV and in political debates, he “finances” his own campaign, he insults whoever gets in front of him. He turned boring politics into a sitcom.

He took a little John Wayne, a little Ronald Reagan, a little of Gordon Ramsay and Simon Cowell, he mixed it with a lot of himself and obtained the perfect public figure to take the public support by storm. He won the public so he could do whatever he liked with it, both liberals and conservatives, both national and international, in months; the entire world was talking about Donald Trump. Loved him or hate him, even if he was indifferent, in the media game, in the match of publicity and the political circuses, another scam-artist fooled the long-time-scammers that where for such a long time used to winning.

Politics and show business mixed to maintain the illusion of American democracy, what the establishment clowns never expected was that another could climb the stage, begin with his deal and leave them far behind, like complete idiots. Republicans didn’t saw it coming, and unless that in July’s convention something rash and unexpected happens, Trump has secured his place in the big match, he is a major contender for the big prize.

Hahaha? Joke or not, here it comes, we will keep hearing from him, want it or not. Now we know that he is more skilled than his contenders in the game they thought dominated without trouble- Now he has the media (in favor or not) hostage, and publicity is publicity. It’s like the terribly sticky song that invades all stations, like the viral video. The only thing that is left, it’s what we have always done: take shelter, the storm is coming. This is not a show, this is real life, and either you crouch, or you take a bullet.


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