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Oregon's Whacky View on Racism

Updated on July 18, 2013
Nothing like an Indian warrior to inspire high school to be their best.
Nothing like an Indian warrior to inspire high school to be their best.

I think it is whacky to want to change the names of any sport team in high school or college simply because it alludes to American indians. These names have been around for eons and suddenly the names are offensive? How so? It is a name of team comprising of all races and the use of indian symbols actually empowers them by portraying them as brave warriors and heroes.

Well, in Oregon, the government decided under pressure from Indian tribes who somehow find brave warrior symbols or names as offensive, so they claim. In 2012, Oregon banned the used of anything indian-logos, names, even nicknames for high schools and colleges. This was a costly, as in hundreds of thousands of dollars, event for the schools who had to create a new (and in most cases, wimpy) names to appease the government and those politically correct extremists.

Yes, the schools could do nothing but if they did, all federal funding would stop. It was a heated debate. Critics say Indian mascots are racist, contending they reinforce stereotypes and promote bullying of Native students. I find this very hard to believe because they are on the teams also. The only people who it might offend are the extremists. Supporters say the mascots are a way to honor Native American history, evoking values of strength and bravery. One would have to agree with this because no school wants a wimpy school name, mascot or symbol to say who they are. It is actually a compliment to the Indian society and culture for their bravery and skill.

The federal government is still, after a hundred years, feeling guilty about how they dealt with native americans in the late 1800's. This is despite of the many privileges they get as a tribe on their reservations, casinos. This is fine, but now it is getting silly. For instance, Roseburg High School, home of the Indians, switched a logo depicting a Native American to a simple feather. A feather! LOL. Molalla High School changed sports jerseys to say "Molalla" instead of "Indians".

The governor of the state has now stated that even if a local school and nearby indian tribe reach an agreement to the use of images or names of indian tribes will not be allowed. Say what? Many schools and local tribes have done just that so both can coexist. This did not fare well with the state senate which approved that such agreements over the issue is perfectly fine and valid. Most Oregon tribes are on good terms with the school districts that use names like Warriors, Indians and Braves.

It seems the governor of the state should get real. As should those wanting to outlaw it. If the tribes and the schools reached agreements to their use to represent the schools, that should be the end of the story.

But it isn't.

But, why is there no uproar about The Lone Ranger and Tonto and how that American Indian is portrayed? Hmmm, good question, maybe money does talk.


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    • profile image

      Ghost32 4 years ago

      Oh, there probably IS somebody griping about Tonto by now. Trust me.

      On a related issue, we have the current politically correct appellation of "Native American"...yet most of the First Americans I personally know (dozens) still think of themselves as "Indians". Not all of them, but I've seen more than a few cocked eyebrows and whimsical smiles when the subject comes up.

      Oregon can be truly left wing weird, too, except east of the mountains. I should know, having ancestral roots there on my mother's side, and my wife grew up not far from Portland. I mean, a college team called the Oregon DUCKS? BEAVERS? Come ON!

      Which was probably still better than our Montana high school Trojans, since few of the students had a clue about Helen of Troy or Paris or Achilles or any of that. But think about it; our team was named after a walled city that was so stupid and greedy it got suckered and sacked by fighters hidden inside a giant wooden horse--how brilliant is THAT?

      Voted Up and Across, including funny. Roseburg going to a feather for a logo is absolutely freaking hilarious.