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Organ Donor? No, Thanks. I'm Not Signing My License.

Updated on April 25, 2011

Here is my question: How do I know for sure that, if am rushed to the hospital for a life-threatening... anything, the doctors and nurses will do EVERYTHING in their power to save me? Or, will they announce me to be dead, according to their Darwinistic redefined definition of the end of a human's life? You are probably wondering what I am getting at here and it is serious stuff.

Take a look at your driver license.

Does it state that you are an organ donor? Mine does not. It is not that I have disdain for the lives of others that can benefit from my healthy heart or lungs. I do HATE for greedy profiteering white-collar criminals to cash in without having diginity or respect for human life.

The United States Government bans the purchase and/or sale of hearts, lungs, livers and vital organs used in transplantation. Yet, under the Clinton administration, a requirement was established for hospitals to notify organ agencies of all deaths. Those agencies, in turn, contact the deceased's loved ones asking to give the gift of life in the form of organ and tissue donation. Of course, they willl strike up on the emotional cords of the families in such a vulnerable time.

Listen to this statement made by Michael J. Jeffries, former Chief Financial Officer of Osteotech, Inc., a leading corporation in bone products:

"Organs can only be harvested from donors who are brain-dead, but whose hearts and other organs are still functioning... The tissue trade now generates about $500,000,000 anually. There is a profit. It is not an evil thing because the profit is put to good use."

This was published in the Orange County Register / Providence Sunday Journal on April 16, 2000.

Does the Bible not state that the love of money is the root of all Evil?

This is just another excuse for Evolutionists to justify murder. After all, is that not how Darwin-follower Adolf Hitler and his Nazi doctors made the Germans believe that the Jews were not human?



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    • profile image

      matty 6 years ago

      what a ridiculous sentiment, the point previously put to you was that if it is possible to save you that would be more effective than letting you die, harvesting your organs, and preforming major surgery already very sick patient. the surgery on its own is risky for a healthy person, more so for a ill one, plus there are risks the organ will be rejected and any persisting health concerns from their original illness. in conclusion it would make no sense for doctors or nurses to subconsciously or consciously invest less into making you better as unless you are already braindead (too far gone) it would be more efficient to save you

    • profile image

      types 7 years ago

      you raise strong points and i fundamentally agree with your position:

      ie. if you are suffering from a critical injury and a doctor see's you are an organ donor they may be (even subconsciously) less inclined to do everything possible to save you for the sake of helping others.

      as an additional supporting argument you could have touched on the cases of people who have been MISTAKENLY pronounced dead; it doesnt happen often, but still raises concerns

      the only thing I'm critical of is the anti-evolution overtones which were unnecessary to the arguments you've made and detracts from the credibility of your statements.

    • profile image

      carly  7 years ago

      i think u should be because if u r in for organ donation u r saving lives for other people. i am sooooo in i want to help as many people as i can in my whole life.

    • profile image

      carly 7 years ago

      im in for organ harvesting

    • profile image

      Asher 8 years ago

      You can tell they won't harvest your organs without saving you because it is easier to just save your life than to kill you, take your organs, and rush them all over the place to put in somebody else who needs them. It's much easier to save the patient that still has the organs than the one who needs them.