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Political Activism Email Rant

Updated on April 28, 2014
Sustainable Sue profile image

Triggered by experiences with wildlife as a Peace Corps volunteer, Susette became an earth-friendly activist, while also working full time.

Why did I ever become a political activist? The issues are so numerous and so crucial and my email is so overwhelmed with requests for help here and there and what this government body has done now and what that one is about to do, that I want to just contract a serious flu and lie down in bed for a week.

There's got to be some kind of software that will sort all these issues out and answer my emails with an automatic push of a button. Like I could write a bunch of "Hmmm. Yes, this is a serious issue, I'll see what I can do" emails and have them automatically sent with every . . . say, first email from an unknown person - generally someone on the mailing list of someone else whose issue I'm helping with. Or maybe I could clone an email telling what I'm up to and have it automatically mailed out to anyone who emails me in the upcoming week.

Meeting together to discuss issues can take up time, but it also energizes a group.
Meeting together to discuss issues can take up time, but it also energizes a group. | Source
Protesting with signs over the CA 210 freeway. Letters have to be big to be read from far away.
Protesting with signs over the CA 210 freeway. Letters have to be big to be read from far away. | Source

Except . . . and that's the problem. What if a really, really crucial one came through? I wouldn't want to miss a letter that's important to write to the President now, for example, or write and send one too late, after a horrible bill has already passed. I certainly wouldn't want to miss a public protest that might get me arrested or at least in the papers. And what if my state representative writes, should I let her through? What about my best friend, who is new at this and is running off here and there, dressing up in plastic bags and getting lots of publicity, but living in frazzled confusion?

This email software should either differentiate between important and unimportant emails, or give me the option to identify emails critical to action I need to take. Maybe what I need is a political software. One that can take note of the issues coming through my email, group them, and make timely synopses that I can take action on. It will have to work in conjunction with my personal email software, and I will have to give it keywords with which to sort out the various issues, like:

  • Sediment dam removal (where to put it?).

  • Preservation of the local watershed.

  • Banning plastic bags.

Protests by a busy intersection give drivers something to read and think about while they wait for the light to change.
Protests by a busy intersection give drivers something to read and think about while they wait for the light to change. | Source
  • The drought and dire need for water conservation.
  • Construction of a billion dollar water pipeline when the state is bankrupt.

  • Construction of a high-speed railway to cut down on carbon emissions.

  • Oil spills and hurricanes and the government's response (or lack of).

  • Mining under the Grand Canyon?????

  • Fracking for Heaven's sake!!!

So where am I to find this email controller/sorter software I'm looking for? Where are you? Yoohoo! Steve Jobs? (Yes, I have a Mac). Or is it a database I want, like Act or Access, or a Mac clone thereof? Or is it a live organizer person called a secretary? Are there such people anymore?

Maybe a bulk email software, although that's for sending out email en masse, not receiving it. Maybe a spam email software would work. Instead of programming it to reject spam, I could program it to sort email to different folders . . . but it wouldn't have the ability to synthesize.

Here's a group I'd like to stay in touch with.
Here's a group I'd like to stay in touch with. | Source

Well, wait a minute. My existing email software could work by using the "rules" feature. I could set up a bunch of rules to sort email into folders, then take a day a week to go through the political ones. Or since they have a tendency to accumulate, as I save one to keep this contact or that, maybe I'll also set up a contact database to record names, so I can delete the email.

Do those databases have a way of sending email replies automatically? Or could it send a signal to my email software to tell it to look out for an email from a key person and then alert me? Or flag it? Or . . . see now, just thinking about the possibility of such a database, along with the time it would take to learn how to use it and set it up the way I'd want it, while missing all of the emails and actions coming through while I'm doing that and having to catch up later is already making it much worse. Maybe sickness really is the answer.

Sorting Email Into Folders Using Mail (Mac)

Email SubAccount
Destination Folder
Identify Email
Political Email
Any recipient contains sh.politic
Send to Political folder
Any recipient contains sh.writer
Send to Writing folder
From contains Hubpages
Send to HubPages folder
1. Create Email SubAccounts with your email provider online. 2. If you download email to a personal computer, create destination folders there. 3. Go to Email Preferences/Rules/Add Rule. Select options that identify the email to sort and where to sen


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    • ripplemaker profile image

      Michelle Simtoco 

      8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      Sustainable Sue, what a creative way of writing this piece! :)

      Friday the 13th Hubnuggets News: Congratulations! Your hub has been nominated on the Hubnuggets!

      Also, do participate in the forum and share your delight with everyone!

      Read and vote!

    • Sustainable Sue profile imageAUTHOR

      Sustainable Sue 

      8 years ago from Altadena CA, USA

      lol. Said tongue in cheek.

    • TeaPartyCrasher profile image


      8 years ago from Camp Hill, PA

      Your last paragraph may be your best option.


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